Star Wars Battlefront’s tutorial trials sound intriguing

Star Wars Battlefront's tutorial trials sound intriguing

So far, DICE and EA have given many details on a number of multiplayer modes that will be in Star Wars: Battlefront, both co-op and competitive. This all includes Blast, Walker Assault, Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, Drop Zone, and other various co-op Missions.

With only a few months left until the release of Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE still maintains that there is still more to be announced to the public. But, some of those announcements could have been spoiled by the Official PlayStation Magazine that released in its latest issued that Battlefront will include “a series of trials introducing you to game mechanics.”

According to the Official PlayStation Magazine, the trials will be in the form of speed bike racing on Endor, AT-AT tow cable tripping on Hoth, and X-wing crash courses. The magazine is stating that the trials can be played single with bots, on online co-op, in splitscreen co-op.

Even though the details are sparse right now, the news of these amazing trials will be comforting for fans that are worried about the game’s sparse offerings for solo players.