Sithmas Cooking with the Colicoids: Building a Gingerbread Harrower-Class Warship

Sithmas Cooking: Building a Gingerbread Imperial Ship

Christmas has passed but this idea is so awesome, we think it’s not too late to do it. In fact, we think it’s never too late to do it and what better idea to use up all that extra gingerbread you might have on hand this season? A plain old gingerbread house simply won’t do for a Sith. No, this Sithmas, they needed to build a gingerbread Imperial warship. First, they created a paper template from which to cut their gingerbread pieces. Then, they cut pieces from the template and baked them, then piecing them together to match the paper model.

It was a messy project (which you will see from the images) but it sure looked like a lot of fun. Even the imperfections seem to make it better, in my opinion. It looks like a great way to spend an afternoon. Here’s what the poster had to say about it:

“Hey guys! So for Christmas this year, Erolada had the brilliant idea of making a Gingerbread House. …of course, as a Sith I couldn’t settle for that so I jokingly suggested we *totally* make a Harrower-Class Warship! …and we did. Uh, here it is. And Merry Sithmas!”

See for yourself in the images below (be sure to read through all of the captions to learn how they did it):

Sithmas Cooking with the Colicoids: Building a Gingerbread Harrower-Class Warship

Hey Tera, tell us about that time you left the toffee cooking on the stove. Remember, the one where it turned into a black boiling froth of death?

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