Star Wars Uprising: Sector Battle Imminent: Mataou


It looks like we have new rewards for planets with the 10+ freedom rating, I will get a screenshot of it when I get the chance.

Other news:

  • For those of you that have been locked out of the game on android, if you had trouble with this issue contact support and let them know because there will be some game-wide compensation for those affected.
  • Friday is rebels day, where you are guaranteed to get crew runs to recruit crew members to join the fight against the empire.
  • New Mercenary Contract that you can get from Bev Plar at the Konn-Nevos Spaceport. This missions rewards Tie Fighter Shards and will be available to purchase every Monday!

Milestone Rewards

This week’s Leader Board:


  • General (Rank #1-5):
  • Commander (Ranks 6-100):
  • Captain (Ranks 101-3000):

Last updated at: 10 AM PST (Kabam Time)

Leader Boards:


  • General (Rank #1-5): 10,485,850
  • Commander (Ranks 6-100): 6,031,400
  • Captain (Ranks 101-3000): 1,386,200


  • General (Rank #1-5): 11,342,900
  • Commander (Ranks 6-100): 5,627,750
  • Captain (Ranks 101-3000): 1,290,030


  • General (Rank #1-5): 9,135,450+
  • Commander (Ranks 6-100): 5,462,400+
  • Captain (Ranks 101-3000): 1,338,680+