SWTOR Game Update 5.1.1 Patch Notes

BioWare just released the patch notes for game update 5.1.1 Check them out below:


Bonus Experience Event! Level through your Command Ranks faster than ever before with a 250% increase to all Command Experience gains, as well as leveling Experience and Starfighter Requisition, until Game Update 5.2!
New Consumable: Superior Command Boost! A new Command Experience Boost can be purchased on the Command Token Vendor for 200 Command Tokens. These Boosts last 2 hours, are Bind on Legacy, and increase Command Point gain up to Tier 3 by 100%. A 3-hour version of the Boost can be found on the Cartel Market.


  • Command Experience is now additive instead of multiplicative.
  • The Command Point Weekly Cap has been significantly increased.
  • Command Experience Packs are now Bind on Legacy and can be shared between characters in a Legacy.
  • Group members are now easier to locate on maps.

Cartel Market

  • Command Experience Boosts can no longer be used prior to reaching Level 70.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Interacting with the City Alarm Panel after starting the Oasis City Infiltration Mission in Scum and Villainy no longer grants Command Experience.

Missions + NPCs

  • All Rakghoul Event Missions are now scaled to Level 70.
  • It is no longer possible to become stuck on the “Defeat the Purifier Droids” step of Chapter IV: Where Dreams Die if defeated by the Droids.
  • The door leading to the final encounter of the Uprising Trial and Error can no longer end up in a state where it does not open.
  • Fixed a bug that broke Mission progression in Uprising: Trial and Error when disengaging from specific encounters.