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SWTOR : Upcoming CM Item Embargo

There will be a new round of Cartel Market embargos in Star Wars: The old Republic. This one is  starting on June 27.

Upcoming CM Item Embargo

Hey folks, 

This week on the Cartel Market is going to be a little different than what you have seen in the past few weeks, it’s time for a little spring (summer?) cleaning. We are going to embargo quite a few items on June 27th. That means those items will be removed from the Cartel Market and may or may not return in the future. All of the following items will be moved to the popular tab and marked 25% off starting tomorrow and they will remain on sale until they are removed on the 27th.


  • Exterminator’s Armor Set
  • Huttsbane Armor Set
  • Investigator’s Armor Set*
  • Destroyer’s Armor Set*
  • CZ-13K Guerilla Armor Set*
  • Outlaw’s Armor Set*
  • Noble Commander’s Armor Set*
  • Pathfinder’s Armor Set*
  • MA-44 Armor Set*
  • X-3 Techmaster’s Armor Set*

Armor sets marked with * will “trigger” in Collections but cannot be unlocked or claimed there. This is by design as these armor sets have stats associated with them.


  • Orlean LE-5
  • Longspur Sportster
  • Aratech Rose
  • Cavern Varactyl
  • Czerka CR-17 Incendia



  • Rancor Holo-Replica
  • Carbonite Chamber
  • Data Entry
  • Kick the Huttball
  • Emote: Freezing


  • Minor Starfighter Experience Boost
  • Major Starfighter Experience Boost
  • 5-pack Major Starfighter Experience Boost
  • Command Boost (the 25% boost)
  • 5-Pack Command Boost (the 25% boost)
  • Major Warzone XP Boost Bundle

Additionally, the featured items this week will be the Gold and Silver Decoration Packs! If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks everyone.