Houston, we have a next-generation casino

Houston, we have a next-generation casino

A new online player has emerged in the online gaming market, Wildz Casino. They have been branding themselves as the future of online casinos and they have definitely hit the mark. In a day and age when new casino brands seem to all be emulating each other, Wildz Casino has chosen to go a completely different route and it is paying off.

The perfect blend of old and new

Every feature isn’t brand new and players will have an easy time navigating the site. However, Wildz has built entirely new features not found elsewhere. Notably, their exclusive Spinback feature is pushing the limits of what is possible at an online casino.

Spinback is layered on top of an online slot, currently the über-popular Book of Dead, and awards the player a free spin every time they miss on 5 consecutive game rounds. This second-chance feature is a really nice bonus for those times when the slot goes cold.

Another advanced feature, and probably the most impressive one so far, is their individually-tailored rewards system. Wildz does not give out arbitrary rewards. Every player starts on Level 1 and a Progress Bar advances with each spin. Once the Progress Bar is full and the player “Levels Up,” they will receive a spin on Levelz, their custom mini-slot. This single-reel slot only awards free spins to the games each customer likes to play. Not only that, but the value of the free spins are determined based on the average bet amount the player wagered while filling up the Progress Bar. Quite simply, modest bets receive modest spin values while larger wagers receive more valuable free spins.

Styling for the Future

One reason Star Wars Gaming likes this casino is the website style. With regards to style, we love the fact that the site is built according to the latest specifications, and it shows!

First off, Wildz is a super-fast casino. The response times when you click a link is second to none amongst other brands. All pages, even the image-heavy game lobby, loads in a fraction of the time versus legacy operators.

Next, they’ve avoided the clutter that affects many others. Wildz is clean, functional, and doesn’t distract with unnecessary elements. And while it may seem simple and easy to the user, there is clearly a lot of advanced technology under the hood which makes Wildz perform the way a website should in 2019.

Games Galore

We absolutely love their game selection. Wildz has included many of the very best game developers in the industry from old school companies with their huge game selections to newer developers that are pushing the boundaries of online slots.

Here at Star Wars Gaming, we are particularly keen on games with a space genre. Starburst, the Netenet classic, is of course available at Wildz. Newer titles such as Incinerator, Space Wars, and Arcade Bomb definitely appeal to our style as well.


The folks at Wildz Casino have really hit upon something here. Every new casino makes big claims before they launch, but very few deliver the goods. Wildz, frankly, has exceeded all expectations. Beyond all these things – the features, the speed, the customisation – Wildz is delivering on their promise to give away the most real-time bonuses in the industry with Spinback, Levelz, frequent campaigns, and random rewards for simply being a depositing player.