Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Developer Insight: Profundity

The guys over at Capital Games has just announced Profundity. Take a look at Admiral Raddus’s pride and joy.

UNIT NAME: Profundity
CATEGORIES: Capital Ship, Rebel

The Basics:

  • Rebel allies with full Health gain Critical Damage (This check for full health occurs prior to your allies recovering). Rebel allies recover 25% Health and gain bonuses based on their role
  • Ultimate is used to remove Enemy Capital Ship from the battlefield, giving it parity with Executor
  • When Profundity attacks out of turn, Daze will be applied to the enemy ship

Unique Attributes:

  • There are benefits for Rebel Cargo ships and Rebel crewless Tanks
  • When a Rebel ally gets a Critical hit there is a chance to call another Rebel ship to assist including the Profundity
  • The Download mechanic is the same one that Outrider uses, and when Outrider increases the Download of all Rebel ships, that includes Profundity
  • Turn Meter manipulation is turned off for both teams when Profundity is chosen


  • The Profundity was the flagship in charge of the Rebel’s first victory against the Empire, securing the plans to Krennic’s Death Star via the Rogue One strike team on Scarif
  • Profundity’s Ultimate, Admiral, We Have the Plans, is directly tied to the pivotal moment when the Tantive IV launches to escape a rampaging Darth Vader
  • We saw an opportunity to have Outrider and Profundity to have synergy, with both ships downloading data as keys to their success.
  • Sharp eyed players will note that while in space Profundity (and Outrider) are downloading the data, while on the ground Admiral Raddus’ squad is uploading it

Strategy Tips:

  • Use Special 1 to call a ship with multiple instances of damage on their Basic to maximize Debuff potential
  • Utilize reinforcement order
  • Special 2 is your friend and loves to interact with specific Buffs

Where is Profundity intended to sit within the Meta?
We worked very hard to engineer a ship that can beat a defending Executor of equal investment. In the flip situation, with that same Executor attacking a defending Profundity, the battle should fall in the Executor’s favor.
Why is Admiral Raddus required at such a high Relic level?
In order to give the Profundity a good initial impression, we wanted to ensure that the crew of the ship would be on par with the Relic 9 Admiral Pietts that are on a good chunk of Executors out there.

BASIC: No Turning Back Now


Final Text: If this ability is used during Profundity’s turn, deal Physical damage to target enemy and grant target ally a bonus turn. If target ally is a Rebel, they gain 50% Offense, increase Download by 10%, can ignore Taunt, and inflict Buff Immunity on their target for 1 turn on their next turn. If the enemy already had Buff Immunity, Stun them for 2 turns, which can’t be evaded or resisted.

If Profundity was called to assist out of its turn, deal Physical damage and instead inflict Daze for 1 turn which can’t be resisted.

SPECIAL 1: Unconventional Maneuver – Cooldown 4


Final Text: Increase Download by 10%. Dispel all debuffs from target ally and they assist twice.

At the end of the turn, target enemy is inflicted with debuffs for each instance of Physical or Special damage they receive during this turn for 2 turns, which can’t be resisted:

  • 1+ Instance of damage: Critical Chance Down
  • 3+ Instances of damage: Breach
  • 5+ Instances of damage: Burning
  • 7+ Instances of damage: Ability Block
  • 9+ Instances of damage: Shield Disruption

SPECIAL 2: The Rebel Fleet Has Arrived – Cooldown 4


Final Text: Dispel Advantage, Stealth, and Tenacity Up from all non-Rebel enemies. Each enemy that lost Advantage this way is inflicted with Vulnerable for 2 turns. Each enemy that lost Stealth this way is inflicted with Marked for 2 turns. Each enemy that lost Tenacity Up this way is inflicted with Tenacity Down for 2 turns. These debuffs can’t be dispelled, evaded, or resisted. Rebel allies with full Health gain Critical Damage Up for 2 turns. Rebel allies recover 25% Health and gain bonuses based on their role:

  • Attackers: Gain Offense Up for 2 turns
  • Healers/Supports: Gain Stealth for 2 turns
  • Crewless Tanks: Gain Taunt for 2 turns and 4 stacks of Reinforced Hull

UNIQUE: I Say We Fight

Final Text:

At the start of battle, Profundity gains 10 Speed for each Dark Side enemy (including the Capital Ship) until the end of its first turn and ally Rebel Cargo Ships gain 4 stacks of Reinforced Hull, and ally Crewless Rebel Tanks Taunt for 1 turn. Ally Rebel ships gain the following benefits based on their role:

Rebel allies always score critical hits against enemies inflicted with Shield Disruption, if possible. Whenever a Rebel ally scores a critical hit, there is a 20% chance to call another random Rebel ally to assist (including the Capital Ship). Whenever a Rebel ally assists, Download is increased by 1%.

Whenever a Rebel ally evades an attack or resists a debuff, they recover 20% Health and Protection. Whenever an enemy unit is defeated, Rebel allies recover 20% Health and Protection. Whenever an enemy is summoned, all Rebel allies gain Protection Up (100%) for 2 turns. Whenever an enemy reinforces, Rebel allies gain 150% Defense for 1 turn.

If an enemy TIE Advanced x1 is deployed at the start of battle, increase the cooldown of Call Reinforcement for the enemy Capital Ship by 1. If Profundity uses Call Reinforcement on consecutive turns, dispel all buffs on all enemies and dispel all debuffs on all allies. Allies and enemies are immune to Turn Meter manipulation.

Reinforcement Bonus: Critical Chance Up for 2 turns

Ultimate – Admiral, We Have the Plans (Requires 100% Download Progress)


Final Text: Limit one use per battle. Remove the enemy Capital Ship. Dispel all buffs on all enemies. All enemies are inflicted with Speed Down for 2 turns and Stranded for the rest of the encounter, which can’t be copied or dispelled. The Profundity gains the Plans Acquired Special ability. Rebel allies gain Damage Immunity for 1 turn and recover 100% Health and Protection. This ability can’t be evaded or resisted and requires 100% Download progress to activate.

Stranded: Take damage equal to 35% of its Max Health at start of its turn; this damage can’t defeat a ship; can’t recover Health or Protection, or gain Protection Up

Plans Acquired: All allies gain Advantage, Critical Damage Up, Defense Penetration, and Offense Up for 2 turns. This ability starts on cooldown (Cooldown: 4)

Granted Ability: Plans Acquired – Cooldown 4

Final Text: All allies gain Advantage, Critical Damage Up, Defense Penetration, and Offense Up for 2 turns. This ability starts on cooldown.