Highlights from SOFTSWISS’ Report on The Hottest iGaming Trends in 2023

SOFTSWISS is a company that develops gaming software with over ten years of experience. Dmitry Yaikau and Ivan Montik from Belarus founded the company in 2008. Its current headquarters are in Georgia, Malta, Poland, and Belarus. 

This international igaming company provides certified software solutions for managing online casino operations. Its expert team includes over 1400 professionals in various locations. SOFTSWISS has igaming licenses from different jurisdictions, and over 700 websites use its software. Its specialist team includes over 1400 professionals in multiple locations. 

Its portfolio products include:

  • A games aggregator with thousands of casino games
  • An online casino platform
  • A sports betting platform
  • An Affilka Affiliate program
  • A jackpot aggregator

SOFTSWISS became the first bitcoin-optimized casino solution across the world in 2013. 

The company analyzed market changes in 2023 to come up with a data-driven report on the hottest igaming trends expected. It covers various aspects of the industry and insights from its hundreds of clients, key company experts, and survey results. 

Key highlights from SOFTSWISS’ report on the hottest igaming trends in 2023 include:

Payments and licensing

Digital currencies are expected to continue growing in the industry to tap into the market of people who prefer crypto casinos. More markets are likely to get regulated locally. Operators have to ensure the availability of various localized payment options. 

Many countries are now starting to recognize and integrate cryptos into their financial systems. Cryptos likely to become more popular include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Expectations are high that USDT is soon getting popular in the industry too. 

Seamless payments and withdrawals are benchmarks for improving the player experience. Governments are expected to develop and improve regulatory frameworks. These will manage local markets and boost profit at the national level. 

Player behavior

Operators are expected to shift from product-centric to user-centric products. This will pay off with improved player retention and brand loyalty. Bookmakers are expected to launch more mobile and smartwatch versions of their platforms to win new audiences.

It’s a move to attract players who prefer easy and quick access to online gaming functions. The report also acknowledges the growing popularity of live dealer games among crypto users. Game providers are expected to focus more on these games. 

Other player behavior is placing 66% of bets during live games. Only 34% place bets in advance. This highlights the need for providers to offer quality live broadcasts. Streaming live games satisfy the feeling of belonging and social interaction. 

Responsible gaming and security

Providers are expected to put in place improved systems. These will limit effective behavior, deal with problematic players, and encourage healthy gaming without social risks. Players are expected to demand an understanding of the data operators collect from them and how it is used.

Player security is likely to see the use of improved fraud prevention techniques such as advanced ML-powered tools. The most common forms of fraud cases include money laundering, bonus abuse, and payment system fraud in their order of popularity. 

Operators are likely to focus more on protecting their reputation and income. Efforts will include enhanced verification using analytical tools to check documents and identify fraud patterns. 

Successful operators require the integration of innovative solutions for deep analytics with player engagement tools. Another idea is choosing a flexible software provider with data-driven market expertise. 


As one of the leading growth parameters for players’ engagement, gamification will continue taking center stage in the industry while introducing new trends. Among these are cryptocurrency and NFTs underpinning financial systems in meta casinos. These will simplify deposits and withdrawals across different countries. 

Operators are likely to use jackpots to attract players to play particular games. A global jackpot campaign has the potential to draw about 49.6% more customers to increase their average stake amount. This strategy increases revenue for the operator.

Bonuses will help limit risky gambling and overspending. Operators will have to introduce innovative bonuses with flexible mechanics to cater to the needs of all players. 

A combination of different engagement tools will be necessary to deliver excellent results. The inclusion of retention and reactivation features will come in handy in determining key growth metrics. Offering VIP treatment to all players will boost overall brand loyalty. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Operators will have to seek software solutions with real-time access to clear and transparent data. There’s a need to redirect attention to understand player preferences. This will allow top-performing titles and game mechanics to widen their content portfolio. 

It will also include the availability of seamless payment options, including crypto and mobile-friendly platforms.