Vitiate: The Unseen Terror of the Old Republic

Vitiate: The Unseen Terror of the Old Republic

Vitiate, an enigmatic and imposing figure from Star Wars: The Old Republic, is a character shrouded in mystery and imbued with a darkness that extends beyond the usual boundaries of the Dark Side of the Force. Known also as Tenebrae and Valkorion, this Sith Lord’s quest for power and immortality left an indelible mark on the galaxy far, far away. But who exactly was Vitiate, and what drove this Sith Emperor on his relentless quest for ultimate power?

An Unlikely Beginning

Vitiate was born as Tenebrae on the fringe world of Nathema. His birth came during the Golden Age of the Sith, before the cataclysmic Great Hyperspace War, to simple farmers who had no connection to the Force. However, Tenebrae was anything but ordinary. As he grew older, he began to exhibit a strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force, with his powers growing at an alarming rate.

But it wasn’t just Tenebrae’s connection to the Force that set him apart. His cold ruthlessness also surfaced early. In a fit of rage over his father’s abuse of his mother, he murdered both his parents, exerting his will over his village, and sparking his rise to power. His strength was such that he even killed his biological father, Dramath, the ruler of Medriaas, when the latter failed to recognize his power. Recognized by Dark Lord Marka Ragnos at the tender age of thirteen, Tenebrae was renamed Vitiate, marking his initiation into the dark hierarchy of the Sith.

The Rise of the Sith Emperor

In the wake of the Great Hyperspace War, Vitiate, now a Sith Lord, called upon the surviving Sith Lords to perform a ritual intended to annihilate the Galactic Republic. However, this was merely a ruse. The actual purpose of the ritual was to grant Vitiate eternal life. The ritual ended in a mass extinction event on his planet, wiping out every living thing and draining the Force itself.

A Reign of Darkness

As the self-declared Sith Emperor, Vitiate led the surviving Sith into space, eventually settling on Dromund Kaas. His rule was unchallenged for centuries, with his ultimate goal being the total destruction of the galaxy. His machinations were so grand that even members of the Dark Council plotted against him. Yet, Vitiate remained a step ahead, using those who dared challenge him as pawns in his grand design.

The Great Galactic War, a direct result of Vitiate’s ambition, ended with the Sith Empire victorious but the Republic not entirely defeated. Vitiate became the ruler of half the galaxy, a testament to his immense power and unyielding will.

A Legacy of Destruction

Despite being defeated and his physical form destroyed, Vitiate’s spirit lived on, his power such that he could manipulate events from beyond the grave. His existence continued to haunt the galaxy, a grim reminder of the ultimate goal of the Sith: power at any cost.


  1. Who was Vitiate? Vitiate, also known as Tenebrae and Valkorion, was a Sith Lord in Star Wars: The Old Republic. His quest for power and immortality defined his rule as the Sith Emperor.
  2. How did Vitiate rise to power? Vitiate was born as Tenebrae on the fringe world of Nathema during the Golden Age of the Sith. After demonstrating powerful connection to the Dark Side of the Force, he was recognized by Dark Lord Marka Ragnos and renamed Vitiate.
  3. What was Vitiate’s ultimate goal? Vitiate sought to annihilate all life in the galaxy to grant him the power required for immortality.
  4. Did Vitiate achieve immortality? While Vitiate achieved a form of immortality through a ritual that wiped out all life on his home planet, his physical form was eventually destroyed. However, his spirit lived on, manipulating events from beyond the grave.
  5. What was Vitiate’s legacy? Vitiate’s legacy was one of unyielding power and ruthlessness. He left behind a galaxy scarred by his ambition and terrorized by his rule.


Vitiate’s story is a chilling testament to the lengths that some will go to in their pursuit of power. His rise from a simple farmer’s son to the ruler of half the galaxy, his relentless quest for immortality, and his lasting impact on the galaxy serve as a sobering reminder of the dark side of ambition and power. In Vitiate, we see the embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force: a drive for power that knows no bounds and recognizes no limits.