How to get free credits and crystals in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) captivates its audience by seamlessly blending strategy with intricate resource management. Within the game’s vast universe, two critical resources emerge as the backbone of a player’s success: credits and crystals. Their importance cannot be overstated, as they are fundamental in tasks ranging from upgrading beloved Star Wars characters to purchasing indispensable gear. 

With their undeniable value, a pressing question arises for most players: How can one amass these essential resources without delving into their real-world pockets?

Daily Activities: Consistency is Key

Daily activities are a lifeline for every SWGOH player. Players receive various rewards, notably credits and crystals, by completing these tasks daily. Though these activities seem mundane or routine, their cumulative effect is significant. 

Players are encouraged to view these as essential rather than optional. Over time, consistent engagement can lead to an impressive stockpile of these valuable resources.

Participation in Squad Arena

The Squad Arena offers a competitive platform for players to test their best teams against others. Success in this arena grants bragging rights and provides an avenue for free crystals. 

Players receive a certain amount of crystals every day based on their rank. Thus, enhancing one’s team and climbing the leaderboard can increase crystal rewards.

Galactic War

Beyond its challenging battles, the Galactic War has a treasure trove of rewards waiting for victors. Players can secure credits and sometimes even crystals as they progress through each node. Completing the entire war offers a hefty bonus. 

While the initial stages might seem easy, the difficulty ramps up, requiring players to think strategically about which squads to deploy and when.

Achievements and Special Events

From time to time, the game introduces special events and challenges. Participating and triumphing in these can offer both credits and crystals as rewards. 

Additionally, players should keep an eye on the achievements section. Fulfilling certain conditions or reaching milestones within the game can net significant amounts of credits or crystals.

Tips for Maximizing Gains

A proactive approach to the game will serve players well. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind:

Rotation is Beneficial: Rotate squads in the Galactic War. This ensures main squads remain fresh for challenging nodes.

Stay Updated: Keep an eye on announcements about upcoming events. This allows players to prepare and maximize their rewards.

Arena Strategy: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of opponents in the Squad Arena. A well-planned attack can lead to higher rankings and more crystals.

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Final Thoughts

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a game that rewards dedication and strategic thinking. While the temptation to purchase credits and crystals with real money exists, players can rely on the abovementioned avenues to earn them without financial investments. By consistently engaging in daily activities, competing in arenas, and capitalizing on events, players can enjoy steady progress in this galaxy far, far away.