Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Receives Its Largest Update Yet

EA and Respawn Entertainment have rolled out the most substantial patch to date for their game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Available across all platforms—PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC—the update aims to significantly enhance the gaming experience. Here’s a detailed look at what the patch brings to the table.

Quality and Performance Modes

The patch, dubbed “Patch 7,” focuses on sweeping improvements to both Quality and Performance modes on consoles. According to EA, the update reworks the Performance Mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, disabling Ray Tracing to ensure a consistent 60 frames per second (FPS) performance. Quality Mode has also received a boost, with technical improvements that enhance the visual experience on both consoles.

NVIDIA DLSS Support for PC

For PC gamers, the highlight of the update is the addition of NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support. This feature aims to improve the game’s performance while maintaining or even enhancing visual quality.

Addressing Technical Issues

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor faced a slew of technical issues at its launch, particularly on the PC platform. The new patch addresses these concerns with changes to the save system to prevent game corruption, various crash fixes, and more.

Additional Features

  • Variable Refresh Rate Support: Added for PS5, enhancing the visual experience.
  • Save System Tweaks: Modifications to help prevent save game corruption.
  • Bug Fixes: The patch also includes various bug fixes and improvements across all platforms, including fixes for cloth, lighting, and UI.

Reception and Future Prospects

Despite its initial technical hiccups, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor received positive reviews and commercial success. IGN gave the game a 9/10, stating that if Respawn continues in this vein, they could complete “the best Star Wars trilogy in 30 years.” The latest patch suggests that the developers are committed to refining and improving the game, making it a title worth keeping an eye on.


Patch 7 for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a significant step forward in addressing performance and quality issues across all platforms. With these sweeping improvements, EA and Respawn Entertainment are clearly committed to providing a better gaming experience for fans of the Star Wars universe.

For the full patch notes and further updates, gamers can visit the official website or follow the game’s social media channels.