Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Update 3.5 Patch Notes

The latest update for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is here, and it’s been worth the wait. Patch 3.5 brings a myriad of improvements and bug fixes across both PlayStation and Xbox Series X|S platforms, enhancing the overall gaming experience for all Star Wars fans. Let’s delve into the patch notes and see what changes this update brings.

Stability and Performance Enhancements

The developers have addressed and fixed multiple crashes occurring across PlayStation and Xbox Series X|S, significantly improving the stability of the game. Players will now have a smoother and uninterrupted gaming experience, whether they’re exploring new planets or engaging in intense lightsaber duels.

Crashes that were linked to skipping cinematics have also been fixed. This was a frequently reported issue, as players had been experiencing abrupt game crashes during cinematic transitions.

Performance improvements have been implemented specifically for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms. The update ensures that the game runs more smoothly, offering improved frame rates and reduced lag, enhancing the immersive Star Wars experience the game provides.

Visual and Rendering Fixes

The 3.5 patch also addresses a variety of rendering issues. In previous versions, gamers reported visual glitches and artifacts which detracted from the otherwise stunning visual presentation of the game. This update brings better, more consistent visual performance.

An issue with dynamic cloth inside the Mantis has been fixed, and a bug where the BD-oil VFX did not properly render has also been addressed. These changes will provide a more realistic and immersive environment for players.

Nekko Management Improvements

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s beloved Nekkos also see some attention in this update. A problem with registered Nekko colors not saving has been fixed, as well as an issue with registered Nekkos disappearing from the stable. Now, players can interact with their Nekko companions without fear of losing them or their customized appearances.

Dialogue and Interaction Fixes

There were reports of cinematic dialogue overlapping, which disrupted the narrative flow and made dialogues hard to follow. The new patch has resolved this issue, ensuring a seamless storytelling experience.

An issue that occasionally caused the game to freeze while talking to Doma has also been addressed. Doma, a crucial non-playable character (NPC), is now more reliable to interact with.

Gameplay Bug Fixes

A range of collision issues have been fixed, which should prevent players from getting stuck in the environment or experiencing other disruptive glitches.

Additionally, the developers have addressed a bug where enemy AI remained in a T Pose during photo mode, which should make for more dynamic and engaging screenshots.

A particularly frustrating bug, where players were getting stuck inside the Chamber of Duality if they didn’t save after leaving the chamber and died, has also been fixed. This fix will prevent gamers from losing their progress and having to restart the game.

In conclusion, the 3.5 patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has made significant strides in enhancing the gameplay, performance, and visual experience for players. The developers have demonstrated a strong commitment to improving the game and responding to community feedback, which bodes well for the future of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. As the Force continues to guide us, we can only anticipate more improvements and thrilling adventures in this Star Wars universe.