SWTOR's Pirate Incursion Event: A Deep Dive into the Galactic Chaos

SWTOR In-Game Events for September 2023

The Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) universe is set to become even more thrilling with the upcoming Pirate Incursion event. Scheduled to run from September 5 to September 12, the event will focus on the remote planet of Dantooine, which finds itself at the center of escalating tensions between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting event.

The Backdrop: Dantooine Under Siege

Dantooine, a pastoral Republic world, has been thrust into chaos as it faces an all-out attack from the Nova Blade pirates. These pirates are secretly spurred on by covert Imperial forces. As the Republic scrambles to defend this key territory on the edge of Imperial space, the Sith Empire sees an opportunity to deal a significant blow to a longtime Republic stronghold.

Event Requirements

To participate in the Pirate Incursion event, players must have a character that is level 20 or above. This ensures that participants have a basic understanding of the game mechanics and can contribute meaningfully to the event.

Featured Rewards

The event promises a slew of enticing rewards for participants, including:

  • Nova Blade and Dantooine Homesteader Armor Sets: Unique armor sets to make your character stand out.
  • Ugnaught Companion: A new companion to accompany you on your adventures.
  • Walker Mount and Kath Hound Mount: New mounts to traverse the galaxy in style.
  • Kath Hound Mini-pet: A mini-pet to keep you company.
  • Dantooine-inspired Stronghold Decorations: Decorate your stronghold with unique items inspired by the planet Dantooine.
  • And More: Additional rewards are also promised, making the event a must-participate for SWTOR fans.

How to Stay Updated

For those interested in staying up-to-date on all the events happening in SWTOR, the official website offers timely updates and announcements.


The Pirate Incursion event promises to be a thrilling addition to the SWTOR universe, offering players not just an engaging storyline but also a host of rewards. Whether you’re a loyalist to the Galactic Republic or a supporter of the Sith Empire, this event offers something for everyone. Mark your calendars for September 5 and prepare to dive into the galactic chaos!