Game Update 7.4b for Star Wars: The Old Republic - Enhancing Gameplay Experience

Game Update 7.4b for Star Wars: The Old Republic – Enhancing Gameplay Experience

The popular MMORPG “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (SWTOR) is set to receive Game Update 7.4b in the week of January 22nd, as announced on the game’s official forum. This update aims to address several key issues and enhance the gaming experience for its dedicated community.

Key Fixes and Improvements in Update 7.4b

  • Saboteur Players’ Experience Enhanced: Saboteur players will now see the option to contact Jonas when dealing with the SIS on Ord Mantell, addressing a previously missing interactive element in the game.
  • Loot Adjustments: The “Separatist Elimination Requisition Cache” will now appropriately reward Tech Fragments instead of Conquest Commendations, aligning the reward system with the intended game mechanics.
  • Drop Rate Corrections: Loot will now correctly appear after defeating the 3rd boss of Objective Meridian, fixing a loot distribution issue.
  • PvP Missions Visibility for FR/DE Players: Daily and Weekly PvP missions will now be visible in the mission terminals for French and German players, improving accessibility and gameplay experience for these language groups.
  • Galactic Seasons Reputation Currency Drop Rates: The drop rates of Galactic Seasons reputation currency have been adjusted to reflect the intended rates, which were previously lower than planned in past seasons.

Temporary Hotfixes and Achievements

In preparation for the 7.4b update, a hotfix has been deployed to temporarily disable Master Mode Timed and Master Mode Survival Operation Achievements. This hotfix impacts several operations:

  • Affected Operations: The operations impacted by this hotfix include Nature of Progress, Explosive Conflict, Scum and Villainy, Terror from Beyond, and The Dread Fortress.
  • Re-enabling Achievements: Progress on these Achievements will be enabled again with the launch of Game Update 7.4b.

Anticipation for the Update

  • Community Response: The announcement of the upcoming update has been positively received by the SWTOR community, with players looking forward to the improvements and bug fixes.
  • Expectations for Patch Notes: Full patch notes for Game Update 7.4b are expected to be released either on Monday or Tuesday of the week of January 22nd, providing players with a detailed overview of all changes and enhancements.


Game Update 7.4b represents SWTOR’s commitment to continuously improving the game and addressing community feedback. With targeted fixes and enhancements, this update is poised to refine key aspects of gameplay and enrich the overall experience for players of “Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

Stay tuned to the official SWTOR forums for the latest updates and detailed patch notes for Game Update 7.4b.

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