Twin Suns Squadron, a guild in SWTOR on Darth Malgus, achieves a notable milestone by reaching guild level 600, showcasing teamwork.

Twin Suns Squadron: Achieving Guild Level 600 in Star Wars: The Old Republic

In a remarkable achievement within the “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (SWTOR) community, Twin Suns Squadron, a guild on the Darth Malgus server, has reached guild level 600. This milestone was first noticed back in December and marks a significant achievement for the guild, showcasing their dedication and collaborative efforts in the game.

The Journey to Guild Level 600

Reaching level 600 is a testament to the guild’s consistent participation in various SWTOR activities. Twin Suns Squadron, known for its focus on operations, Conquest, and a bit of PvP, has been a staple in the SWTOR community since the game’s launch. Their journey to this level reflects their commitment to enjoying the game together, emphasizing fun and camaraderie over hardcore progression.

The Guild’s Activities and Atmosphere

Twin Suns Squadron operates with a relaxed atmosphere, welcoming players of all ages and backgrounds. Their operations range from story mode to veteran and master levels, catering to a wide array of player skills and interests. The guild’s inclusive approach and focus on large group content make it an ideal place for players looking to experience the full spectrum of what SWTOR has to offer.

A Stopped XP Bar: A Curious Observation

A curious observation was made a few days after hitting level 600: the guild’s XP bar had stopped moving. This stagnation at level 600 indicates that the guild has reached a potential cap in SWTOR, highlighting a momentous occasion in the game’s history. It showcases the extent of dedication and effort put in by the members of Twin Suns Squadron.

The Guild’s Presence and Community Engagement

The guild’s presence extends beyond SWTOR. They maintain an active Discord server and engage with the community through various platforms, including YouTube videos that showcase their in-game activities and the friendly banter they are known for. This online presence further solidifies their role as a prominent and welcoming community within SWTOR.

Conclusion: A Milestone in SWTOR’s Guild History

Twin Suns Squadron’s achievement of reaching guild level 600 is a notable milestone in the SWTOR community. It’s a reflection of their enduring presence in the game and their commitment to creating an enjoyable and inclusive environment for their members. As they continue their adventures in SWTOR, Twin Suns Squadron remains a shining example of community spirit and teamwork in the realm of online gaming.