Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Unveils Exciting February 2024 Event Calendar

February 2024 is shaping up to be an action-packed month for players of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the popular mobile game by Electronic Arts. The game’s forum recently announced a detailed calendar of events, offering a variety of challenges and opportunities for players to enhance their experience in the Star Wars universe.

Daily Login Unit: B1 Battle Droid

Kicking off the month, the daily login unit will be the B1 Battle Droid, a staple in the droid armies of the Star Wars saga. Players can look forward to adding this unit to their collections simply by logging in daily.

Key Event Highlights

  1. Faction Pairings: The calendar features exciting faction pairings, including Nightsisters and Jawas, Rebels and Geonosians, Resistance and Clones, Ewoks and Empire, First Order and Scoundrels, Jedi and Tusken, and Sith and Droids. These events are scheduled throughout the month, offering diverse gameplay experiences.
  2. Special Events: Players can participate in special events like Forest Moon, Fanatical Devotion, Military Might, Secrets and Shadows, Ground War, Rebel Round-Up, and Places of Power. These events are designed to test players’ strategic skills and team compositions.
  3. Mythic and Assault Events: The Artist of War Mythic Event and various assault events like Rebel Assault, Republic Offensive, and Imperial Retaliation are set to provide challenging scenarios for seasoned players.
  4. Ship Battles: Space battles are a crucial part of the Star Wars experience, and the February calendar includes events for Home One, Executrix, Endurance, Raddus, Finalizer, Executor, Leviathan, and Profundity. These events offer players the chance to engage in epic space combat.
  5. Guild Wars: The calendar also outlines the schedule for Guild Wars, with specific attack dates for Wars 311 to 314. These guild-level events are a great way for players to collaborate and compete for top honors.

A Month Full of Star Wars Action

The February 2024 calendar for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is packed with events that cater to a wide range of play styles and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of ground battles, space combat, or strategic planning with your guild, there’s something for everyone.

Disclaimer and Final Thoughts

While all dates are subject to change, the calendar provides a comprehensive overview of what players can expect in the coming month. This lineup of events is a testament to the game’s ongoing commitment to providing a dynamic and engaging experience for its community.

For more details on the February events and to plan your gaming strategy, visit the official Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes forum.