Star Wars Outlaws: A Manageable Open-World Adventure, Not a 300-Hour Epic

Star Wars Outlaws: An Unexpected Early Arrival in 2024?

In a surprising twist that has caught many Star Wars fans off guard, Ubisoft’s “Star Wars Outlaws” might be hitting the gaming universe sooner than anticipated. Originally expected to launch later, insider reports now suggest that the game could be released as early as June 2024, much to the delight of eager fans.

A Sudden Change in Release Plans

Disney’s recent blog post about “The Star Wars Outlaw” initially mentioned “The Extinct Romance” launching by 2024, a detail that was later removed from the blog. This edit sparked speculation among the gaming community, leading many to believe that the release window mentioned could indeed be accurate. Now, insider gaming sources are reinforcing these suspicions, indicating an early arrival for “Star Wars Outlaws.”

Ubisoft’s Strategy: A Two-Punch Set for 2024

Ubisoft seems to be planning a significant year with “Star Wars Outlaws” being part of a two-punch set. Alongside this highly anticipated release, Ubisoft is also expected to launch an adaptation of its Japanese-based Assaurus character, codenamed Red, in the latter half of the year.

The Anticipation Builds

Despite the buzz, Ubisoft has remained tight-lipped about the specific release window for “Star Wars Outlaws,” only broadly stating that it won’t release this year. If the game is indeed set for a launch in the upcoming months, fans can expect Ubisoft to start unveiling more details about the project soon. This follows Ubisoft’s pattern of focusing on major titles like “Avatar: Frontier of Pandora” and “Prince Of Persia.”

PlayStation “State of Play” Event: A Potential Reveal?

With the new PlayStation “State of Play” event scheduled for this afternoon, there’s speculation that more information or even a sneak peek of “Star Wars Outlaws” might be revealed, giving players a closer look at what to expect.

Exclusive to Current-Gen Platforms

“Star Wars Outlaws” is confirmed to be a current-gen exclusive, meaning it will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, and PC. However, it’s important to note that the game will not be priced at $69.99, making it an accessible option for many gamers.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in the Star Wars Saga

The potential early release of “Star Wars Outlaws” is exciting news for the gaming community, particularly for fans of the Star Wars franchise. As Ubisoft gears up for what appears to be a significant year, the anticipation for “Star Wars Outlaws” continues to grow. Whether it’s June 2024 or later, one thing is certain: “Star Wars Outlaws” is poised to be a major addition to the Star Wars gaming legacy.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on “Star Wars Outlaws” and other upcoming Ubisoft releases.