SWTOR In-Game Events for February 2024

In the ever-evolving universe of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (SWTOR), excitement is brewing with the announcement of two thrilling in-game events: the Bounty Contract Week and the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally. These events, detailed on the SWTOR website, promise to bring new challenges and rewards for players, further enriching the already dynamic world of this beloved MMORPG.+

Bounty Contract Week: A Hunter’s Haven

From February 6th to February 13th, players level 15 and above will have the unique opportunity to join the Bounty Brokers Association. During this limited-time event, both seasoned and rookie hunters can take on dangerous contracts, targeting crime syndicates and violent gangs across the galaxy. This event is not just a test of skill but also a chance to earn the respect and reputation within the Bounty Brokers Association.

Players can sign up daily for one standard Henchman contract and one high-profile Kingpin Contract, potentially leading them to different planets. Completing five standard contracts unlocks the more challenging Kingpin missions, offering bigger loot and greater glory.

Featured Rewards of Bounty Contract Week

Participants can look forward to an array of rewards, including:

  • Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association.
  • Exclusive armor sets like the Bounty Tracker’s and Contract Hunter’s Armor Sets.
  • Unique weapons such as the Assassin’s Bowcaster and Elite Tracker’s Bowcaster.
  • Collectible mini-pets, including the Lobelot, Swamp Kell Drake, and Drink Server Probe.
  • The coveted BH-7X Custom Hunter Mount.
  • And more exciting items!

The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally: High-Speed Thrills

Starting February 20th and running until February 27th, players level 20 and above can experience the adrenaline rush of the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally. This event takes place across Dantooine, Tatooine, and Onderon, where players can showcase their piloting skills and compete in dangerous swoop bike courses.

Despite the swoop gangs’ reputation as wild rebels, they pose no serious threat, focusing instead on their love for speed, daring jumps, and explosive action. The event features the biggest gangs, including Horizon’s Razor, the Pit Screamers, and the Blatant Beks, each ready to entertain their fans with spectacular performances.

Featured Rewards of the Swoop Rally

The Swoop Rally offers its own set of unique rewards:

  • Various Swoop Rally Mounts, including regular and gold versions.
  • Swoop Gang Outfits for players to flaunt their affiliation.
  • Promotion Droid Mini-pets as collectibles.
  • A variety of Stronghold Decorations to personalize player bases.
  • And other exciting rewards to discover!

Conclusion: A Galaxy of Adventure Awaits

These events in “Star Wars: The Old Republic” are more than just temporary diversions; they are integral parts of the game’s rich tapestry, offering players new ways to engage with the world and each other. Whether you’re a bounty hunter seeking dangerous targets or a swoop bike enthusiast craving high-speed challenges, SWTOR continues to provide a galaxy full of adventure and excitement.

For more information and to stay updated on all the events happening in SWTOR, visit the official website.