Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Announces Crystals and Shards Giveaway Event

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the popular mobile game that allows players to collect characters from across the Star Wars universe and battle in strategic turn-based combat, has just announced a new giveaway event. This event promises an exciting opportunity for both new and veteran players to earn extra crystals and character shards, enhancing their gameplay experience and providing a significant boost to their collections.

Details of the Giveaway

The giveaway event, detailed on the official Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes forum, is designed to reward the game’s community for their ongoing support and engagement. Here’s what participants can expect:

Event Duration

  • Start Date: The event kicks off today and will run for two weeks.
  • End Date: The event concludes in the early hours of the 15th day, so participants are encouraged to act swiftly to make the most of this opportunity.

Prizes Offered

  • Crystals: Crystals, the game’s premium currency, can be used to purchase energy refreshes, gear, and additional attempts at challenging battles.
  • Character Shards: These shards are essential for unlocking new characters and enhancing existing ones by increasing their star levels.

How to Participate

Participation in the giveaway is straightforward:

  • Log in Daily: Players need to log into the game each day of the event to receive daily rewards.
  • Complete Special Missions: Special event missions will be available, offering generous rewards upon completion.
  • Engage in Community Challenges: The forum post mentions several community challenges that will allow players to earn additional rewards based on collective achievements.

Strategic Tips for Maximizing Rewards

To make the most out of the giveaway, players should consider the following strategies:

  • Prioritize Event Missions: These are time-sensitive and often offer the highest rewards.
  • Plan Resource Use: Smart allocation of crystals towards energy refreshes can help complete more battles and missions, leading to a faster accumulation of shards.
  • Collaborate with Allies: Joining forces with guild members or other players can help complete community challenges more efficiently.

Impact on Player Experience

This giveaway event is not only a great way for players to enrich their in-game arsenal but also serves as a perfect entry point for newcomers. For seasoned players, the additional resources can provide a much-needed edge in competitive arenas and raids.


The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes crystals and shards giveaway is a testament to the game’s commitment to its community, offering valuable resources that can significantly impact gameplay. Whether you are a seasoned commander or a new recruit, this event is an excellent opportunity to advance your gameplay and deepen your engagement with the Star Wars universe.

Join the event today and may the Force be with you in your quest for dominance in the galaxy!

FAQs About the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Giveaway Event

  1. How can I track my progress in the event?
  2. Are there any eligibility requirements for participating in the giveaway?
    • All players with an active account are eligible to participate, regardless of their level or progression in the game.
  3. What happens if I miss a day of logging in?
    • Missing a day might mean missing out on that day’s rewards. Try to log in daily to ensure you receive all possible giveaways.
  4. Can I trade my shards or crystals with other players?
    • The game does not currently support trading between players. All shards and crystals earned or won are to be used within your own account.
  5. Is there a limit to how many crystals and shards I can earn during the event?
    • There is no upper limit; however, the actual amount you can earn will depend on your participation and completion of event missions and challenges.

Terms and Conditions can be found here

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