Getting into PC Gaming – What You Need to Know

So you’ve finally decided to get into PC Gaming – congratulations! You will gain access to a library of free-to-play or affordable video games that are sure to keep you entertained. 

But admittedly, there are so many things to think of before you buy your first gaming PC. The technicality of it all can be intimidating for beginners. And if you’re switching from console gaming, all the options can be a bit confusing.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Here’s everything you need to know before getting into PC gaming. 

Is PC Gaming Better?

First of all, let’s discuss PC gaming vis-à-vis console playing.  

For years, the console has been every family’s go-to for gaming entertainment. But with modern times come modern upgrades, and the average personal computer can now function like your favorite gaming console. For the older generation, this concept can be quite hard to grasp. But for the younger generation, we all know how amazing today’s PC can be. 

With that said, a modern PC can now allow you to play games that were once only available on consoles. That means that you won’t be left out of the newest game releases, because a PC-compatible version will also be released. 

Additionally, free-to-play games are only available for PC users. That means that you don’t have to buy a gaming cartridge to have fun. While you can buy some if there are specific paid games you like, your PC doesn’t depend on it to function. Hacks and cheats that Battlelog offers are also available on PC, and that makes the gaming experience more memorable. 

Finally, PCs are quite versatile. You don’t have to use them for just gaming. You can do multiple tasks on it, and that means that it offers better value for what you paid you for. And that’s why we believe PC gaming is better than consoles. 

What You Need to Know

Now, let’s get into the heart of this article – the details you need to know before getting into PC gaming. 

Tech Specs

The first factor you have to look into is the tech specs of the personal computer. For a beginner, all of this information can be quite confusing, so allow us to simplify everything for you. 

At the very basic layout of your computer, you have to look into four things: the CPU, the RAM, the GPU, and the Storage. 

The central processing unit or CPU is like the computer’s brain. Otherwise known as the processor, it’s responsible for making sure that everything functions properly. Ask if the store carries the latest processors because that guarantees that you won’t need frequent upgrades for a few years to come. 

The random-access memory or RAM is responsible for reading and writing the data. The RAM should be compatible with the processor. Otherwise, it would be prone to freezing because it could not handle all the multitasking. 

The graphics processing unit or GPU is responsible for delivering premium visuals for your computer.  Not all computers have a GPU, and they are especially needed in gaming ones. Without the GPU, your game won’t display as perfectly, leaving out details that could cost you an entire game. That’s why it’s important to look into the GPU of the PC before you buy one. 

And finally, look into the PC’s storage capacity. PC Storage can either be in the form of hard disk drives or solid-state drives. The former is the older version, so they’re usually more affordable, while the latter is newer and faster versions. You can decide based on your budget, but we do recommend going for SSDs for faster game loading. 


Now that we’re done discussing the specs, let’s proceed to the accessories. We recommend investing in a good gaming mouse and headset. 

Depending on the game you’re playing, a gaming mouse will help you aim better or make more accurate character movements. On the other hand, a headset will allow you to communicate with your teammates. Alternatively, it will help you become more alert of your character’s surroundings – and that will surely help you win. 

High-Speed Internet

And finally, you should also invest in a high-speed and reliable internet plan. 

Aside from the speed, you should also consider whether the service has excellent uptime or not. This guarantees that you won’t keep getting disconnected while you’re in the middle of a game. Also, consider the number of users you have at home because that could greatly affect your internet’s speed. 

Final Thoughts

Getting into PC gaming requires a lot of thought and consideration. You have to consider all the technicalities that can be both boring and intimidating to a lot of beginners. But if you know what to look for, everything else will be a breeze. 

And once you finally have that PC, you’re sure to enjoy it so you can finally wind down after a tiring day.