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New Companion Dialogue being recorded for SWTOR

Voice actors Timothy Omundson (the voice of Aric Jorgan) and Catherine Taber (the voice of Vette), Tweeted about doing new voice work on Star Wars The old Republic yesterday. Timothy Omundson is apparently not only doing work on Aric Jorgan, but also on a new character as well. It’s still unknown if it’s for the upcoming expansion strongholds, a minor gameupdate or a future expansion. Check out Timothy Omundson tweet below, and Catherine Taber’s Instagram picture below: Time to record more @SWTOR. Busted out some Aric Jorgan and a new character, worthy of The Beard. pic.twitter.com/FfIhXd0wic — Timothy Omundson (@Omundson) 2. juni 2014

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Celebrate May the Fourth with a new Astromech Droid™ and Double XP!

We forgot all about this story yesterday, but May 4 is rapidly approaching and that means it’s almost time to celebrate Star Wars Day. It’s only appropriate that BioWare get in on the fun, too, so the studio is planning a Star Wars Day celebration for Star Wars: The Old Republic with a double XP weekend and a free droid mini-pet. SWTOR is offering double XP from 11:00AM PDT May 2 through 12:00AM PDT May 5. If you have no need for XP there’s a more concrete reward on offer. Here is the details: We’re excited to announce that in honor of Star Wars™ Day and as a thank you to you, our players, we’re giving away the new MT-4T Astromech Droid™ Mini-Pet to the entire Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ community!* Your adventurous Astromech Droid is ready to courageously follow you as you join with friends to fight for…

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Incoming changes to ‘global cooldown’ UI

There has been a lot of talk recently about SWTOR global cooldown UI, the interface changes that were made as part of patch 1.1.2 as well as what players would like to see in the UI. Many players also had opinions and complaints about the look of the ‘global cooldown’ animations. So BioWare staff listened to these concerns and took them seriously. Now they have announced on the official SWTOR blog thatthere will be some incoming changes to the global cooldown UI. This announcement explains: OurUI team took this feedback to heart and worked up a solution which gives everyplayer a lot more choices in how cooldown animations are displayed. If you’rehappy with the way the game currently looks, you can ignore these changes – butwe think some of these preferences will be welcomed by many players. Currently,these new preferences are scheduled to be added to the game in patch…

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