Celebrate KOTOR’s 10 Year Anniversary in SWTOR


It was hinted at more than once previously that we would have the chance to celebrate KOTOR’s 10th Anniversary in some way in SWTOR. Well today we have an official announcement of what this will include. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me and I’m actually glad to see Bioware using this opportunity to celebrate KOTOR in SWTOR. However, these planned events are one-day-only so it sucks if you’re going to be away on summer vacation or something. Take a look at the timelines for the celebration and see if you can check in. Maybe fire up your laptop on the hotel WiFi and grab your brand new title. Or hop on over to Facebook page and try to snag some free Cartel Coins in the giveaway. This news article was shared this evening: Celebrate KOTOR’s 10 Year Anniversary We are happy to announce that on July 15th we…

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KOTOR and SWTOR Combine for 10th Anniversary

Those who know me know that I love social media, and for good reason, as it connects us in ways that could never be possible before. It’s a great tool for extending your gaming connections as well. And it also helps us remain in contact with our favorite game updates and staff. Which brings us to a little tidbit from Twitter and Cory Butler this week. A couple of days ago a conversation happened that many might have missed. It’s such a small thing, yet says so much, especially for fans of SWTOR and KotOR. @AlexDGeslin asked @BlazeofCory Hey, I was wonder, are there any plans celebrate KotOR 1’s 10th anniversary on the #cartelmarket ? #swtorfamily BioWare Producer Cory Butler answered Alex Geslin’s question on Twitter and this would spark more questions about just what his answer meant and what we might all expect to see from SWTOR for the 10th anniversary….

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic now on iPad

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic  can now be acquired now from Apple’s App Store for a penny shy of seven pounds. That’s expensive for an app, but gets you the entire game, and many hours of gameplay. If you haven’t already played it, you should definitely get it now. You can also get the game for the low price of $9.99 for the Steam version.  The game itself is a turn-based role-playing game that drops you into the Old Republic Because the iPad has no physical controls, developer Aspyr has bolted on some touch controls, that see you dragging your finger around the screen to make your character run around. Gaming site IGN has reviewed the game already and says that the movement controls are a little clunky, though because combat involves tapping on-screen buttons to key up attacks, the action sequences work well with the touchscreen. The bad news is that Apple’s site says you’ll need…

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Knights of the Old Republic: Shadows of Corruption

Seaichfilms new psychological Star Wars fan film “Shadows of Corruption””. The film is based off the expanded Star Wars Universe of the game series Knights of the Old Republic. Darth Revan continues his rule of tyranny in the galaxy. Conquering system after system the Sith Lord comes across the discovery of an ancient Sith artifact. He swiftly aims his resources to recover it in hopes to gain the advantage in the ever growing war. Republic intelligence catches wind of the artifacts existence and head to the planet Syres to try and recover it. The long awaited live action Knights of the Old Republic film is finally here in its entirety! Part 1 has also been remastered and reinserted into the film. Seaichfilms is proud to release the complete “Shadows of Corruption” fan film to the public. “”Shadows of Corruption” is a new kind of ‘Fan Film’‘. Yes folks, a fan…

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Collection Coming This Summer

LucasArts is about to re-release the KOTOR series to stores. GameStop and Amazon have listed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Collection as a bundle pack for the two single-player role-playing games. It’s only weeks from release, too. The compilation has appeared on GameStop’s internal system and is listed as a PC exclusive carrying a $20 price tag. The first game in the series (developed by BioWare) was released to critical acclaim in July 2003 for Xbox, and later for PC. KOTOR came to Mac via Steam just a few months ago. Obsidian developed the game’s sequel, which launched on Xbox in December 2004. They are both excellent games, that I recoment you try out, if you haven’t played them yet. After all, they are the prequels to Star Wars: The old republic. If you can’t wait until the games are re-realeased, you can check out the first part…

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