Lego Star Wars

New LEGO Star Wars Game Free Download but Compatibility Issues

I was super excited when my son (yes, my 6 year old) told me about LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles and when I looked it up to find out it was free in the Play store, I was excited. The LEGO Group has released more than a dozen Android titles already but their first tie-in game is LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles. This might give us our Star Wars fix with a break from Angry Birds. I was all about it!

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Daily life on Hoth, illustrated with Lego

One thing I love more than anything is bringing you cool Star Wars and SWTOR stuff. I also love Legos. Here I found an opportunity to merge both. Vesa Lehtimäki creates some amazing scenes with Legos and his “Daily life on Hoth” series is fantabulous! (I also love to make up my own words). He has a super awesome snow effect, brilliant scenes and fun stories to go along with most of the images. He also has many more images on his Flickr in locations other than Hoth but the snowy scenes are some of my favorite. It’s truly magical. Check out Lego on Hoth on Flickr for the full collection but here are some of my faves: Lego Snowtrooper Probe Droid Maintenance Squad “I’m telling you, it will blow!” “Nahh, it’ll be just fine.” Call of the Wild Snowtrooper Ski Patrol They filled their days with long cross-country ski trips…

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