Threat of Peace, Issue #25

This Friday’s update is just a Threat of Peace issue. Here’s the official news:

The twenty-fifth issue of Threat of Peace™ begins in the heat of the fight between the Jedi and the Sith in Dantooine’s crystal caves. Lord Baras confronts Satele Shan with the fact that her Master was responsible for the attacks that threatened the peace process. When Satele hesitates, Lord Baras tries to urge her towards the dark side, even as Master Dar’Nala screams at Satele to strike the Sith Lord down…

Check out the latest issue of Threat of Peace now.

And it’ll likely remain fairly sparse for the next few weeks as Sean noted on the official forums:

While we have announced our target launch window, we also realize there is a lot of information to release between now and then. We met with the development team soon after returning from the holiday break and discussed some of the information we want to release. In going over that, we decided to wait on a few things to ensure we are giving the community the most accurate information possible. We understand that pretty much everyone would love to have all the information about The Old Republic now but we wouldn’t be serving the community properly if we told you all about a particular feature or mechanic only for it to be completely different than the way we explained it when The Old Republic releases.

We definitely have some new reveals and announcements coming up but I wanted to inform everyone that our next couple of updates won’t be those. And while I’d like nothing better than to tell you what is on the horizon, I can’t for the very same reason as I talked about above. We have a plan on what information we want to release and when we want to release it but we always make sure the rest of the team is confident with the information we are releasing before we put it out there.

Ah well, so it goes. With more than a year to go before release we’ll have to be patient one way or the other anyway.