Friday Update: Blood of The Empire Issue 4

Today’s Friday Update is now online. It is a new issue of the webcomic Blood of the Empire – like announced earlier today. It deals with Teneb Kel’s search for the Emperor’s apprentice.

In the fourth issue of Blood of the Empire, Teneb Kel begins his quest to find the Emperor’s apprentice and learn the reason she betrayed her master. But a war-torn galaxy isn’t always friendly toward Sith, and without a squad of Imperial soldiers to back him up, Teneb must rely on his wits and his lightsaber for protection. Also: what role does the Republic play in Exal Kressh’s machinations?

Check out the latest issue of Blood of the Empire now!

In reference to hints contained in webcomics, BioWare’s Sean Dahlberg had a statement:

While we can understand some people may be frustrated, I want to say the vast majority of people will forgive us after E3 2010.

Also, there is information about the game in the comics (both in TOP and BotE) – in response to a comment above. While there isn’t a plethora of meta-gaming details in there, there are some story elements you will run across when you play the game and some other morsels of info that some day you’ll go “oooooooh” when you see it in-game.