Star Wars Celebration V: Fans in Costume

(MTV’s Liz Lee smooches a lucky Gamorrean Guard guard)
words: Bonnie Burton
photos: Bonnie Burton & Jenny Elwick

It wouldn’t be Star Wars Celebration without seeing a Gamorrean Guard guard wandering through the crowds or a tiny Jawa waiting in line for nachos.

The beginning of Star Wars Celebration already seems like giant photo op with all our favorite characters. Here’s a roundup of some of the coolest costumes we’ve already seen in Orlando.

The cutest Jedi you’ll see all day. 

In a parallel galaxy, Darth Vader fears these two.

Bossk would like a word with you!

Han Solo, Chewbacca and Slave Leia = 3 x the cool! 

A clone trooper rainbow!


Thirst first. Empire second.

Look out behind you, Yoda!

A Whole Lotta Hans!

Darth Maul takes romance very seriously!

Indiana Jones strikes a pose by the ATMs.