Celebration V: The Old Republic Panel Report

The following is a report from the The Old Republic panel from Star Wars Celebration V. Information was reported by EUCantina staff from the panel, via Twitter or email. Be ready for more updates as the week continues!

  • The Old Republic panel starting. David Collins ask Jedi fans to cheer, followed by Sith. Sith dominate the audience. Hope trailer being shown today.
  • Concept art being created as panel runs.
  • Concept art drawn by TOR artist as panel continues.
  • RT- avgoins- “You will be playing as the best smuggler who has ever lived. Han Solo would just shake his head and retire” – Drew K.
  • RT- avgoins- Smuggler will have a special move called The Dirty Kick. “Use your imagination.”
  • A lot of “we can’t discuss that yet” as the answers to audience questions at the TOR panel.
  • There are a lot of species exclusive to classes. Some species do overlap.
  • Final concept art from the panel!
  • The best part of working on TOR is the flexible release date. This allows them to continuously improve the game.
  • Music from TOR was playing when we walked in. It sounded great!
  • One of the artists called TOR one of the best Star Wars experiences.
  • Q: Number of ships? A: A lot.
  • Q: How do you decide the timeline of the stories? A: We wanted to carry on the legacy of KOTOR while having original content.
  • Q: Will the music change base on what you do? A: Yes. There’s a record-breaking amount of music. 5+ hours of original music.
  • Q: Are there story arcs specific to space battles? A: We can’t reveal anything about that at this time.
  • Q: Multiplayer info? A: Playing with other people is fun. You can experience both personal and shared stories together.
  • Shared stories will be similar to the movies. You’ll be together, but you’ll occasionally split up for a while.
  • Q: Are species only tied to specific classes? A: There’s both class-specific and non-class-specific species.
  • Will repeat play throughs of the same class feel very different? A: Story complexity will be similar to KOTOR.
  • More to come! Stay tuned for UPDATES!!

Source: @eucantina.net