The “Find Your Ideal Guild” Quiz – Featuring 43+ Guilds, 34 Questions

The "Find Your Ideal Guild" Quiz - Featuring 43+ Guilds, 34 Questions
The ‘Find Your Ideal Guild’ quiz is now live! Read on for more information, or go directly to the quiz:…eal-guild-quiz

What is it?
This quiz will ask you 34 questions, and recommend a guild to you based on your answers. As of Sept 2010, this quiz contains 44 guilds, meaning 44 different potential results… and will only grow as it is maintained. The results are based off of every guild leader’s own direct input, meaning each match is straight from the horse’s mouth, and not a matter of opinion.

Why take it?
Finding a guild can appear deceivingly simple, with so much selection to choose from. Unfortunately, far too many people realize too late that they’ve failed to ask the right questions – and that’s where the typical ‘guild drama’ stems from; disagreement over fundamental issues that you should have known about before you joined. Taking the time to properly research your selection before choosing a guild can save you a lot of grief, and it is my hope that this quiz aids guild seekers in their pursuit of the ideal guild.

How does it work?
Each question is weighted differently, with preference given towards the importance of each question. For example, if you seek a family-oriented guild that has to be safe for children, choosing that option will have more influence towards the final result than a less significant roleplay scenario. Yet it is still possible, for example, to be recommended a North American guild even if you asked for a European guild. If you are a perfect fit for a North American guild, that may score enough points to outweigh the fact that you wanted a European guild. This won’t happen often, however, because the region question is also weighted more heavily than others. Hopefully this gives you some insight as to how it works… but remember, you can press the ‘Back’ button on your browser and give it another shot with slightly modified variables, to see if a different guild is recommended to you.

Where is it?
You can take the quiz here:…eal-guild-quiz

How do I get my guild incorporated into the quiz?
Your guild must meet the following criteria: 1) must show proof that your guild has existed in the SWTOR community for a minimum of four months, by linking a time stamped thread/post (announcing your guild, a recruitment thread, or whatnot). 2) must have a website. 3) must have a recruitment thread that has at least two pages worth of replies. 4) must be capable of following simple directions: send a private message via these forums to “Galagros” with a link to these pieces of evidence. If he is satisfied that you meet the criteria, he’ll send you a link to a form that you can fill out in order to be placed on the quiz. The criteria is high for two reasons: 1) inputting a guild’s preferences into 34 different questions is a lot of work and time consuming for him, 2) it ensures the quiz remains of high quality, by only recommending guilds that are more likely to stick around. If your guild is already incorporated, and you want to modify something, send Galagros a PM specifying exactly what. The quiz is updated regularly; new guilds will usually be added within 72hrs.

Can my guild be removed from the quiz after it has made it in?
Yes. We remove inactive guilds so as not to jeopardize the quality of the quiz. Your guild can be removed if you: 1) Change anything significant about your guild without notifying us to make the necessary adjustments. Examples include changing your name, alignment, philosophies (invalidating the accuracy of the quiz results), etc. 2) Gave us a link to a website which later stops working. 3) Are not presenting an impression of activity, and your website/recruitment thread leads us to the conclusion that your guild has died or been put on hold (i.e. no recent posts). We reserve the right to remove guilds for reasons not listed above, in order to maintain the integrity of the quiz.