While we wait for The Old Republic: Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III

We love “Robot Chicken!” The stop motion animated series always delivers clever pop culture commentary and does some of the best parodies this side of The Cartoon Network. Like “Family Guy,” they’re known for their amazing Star Wars homages and on Sunday night the latest installment in their parody series aired, aptly titled, “Robot Chicken: Star Wars: Episode III.” There were so many awesome moments to choose from, so instead of giving you a clip, we give you the whole movie:

Spoiler Alert: Jango Fett is Boba Fett’s father.

For EU Viewers:

US viewers can see it here

Did anyone else notice that the man who suggested that Palpatine enter politics was going to kill himself with a classic style Star Trek phaser and that he was holding it backward.

Adult Swim must have some primo dirt on George Lucas for him to OK that thing. It didn’t suck, but it was so spoofy.

I believe that you always know “What” you are doing, How to do it, on the other hand…