10.000 Nerf Herders!

To quote Lando “yeeee haaa”. We are deeply honored that so many people have chosen to subscribe to our Facebook page. When I first started this blog two years ago, I had no idea that it will become so popular.
Back then 10 people stopping by was a huge thing. Today we get more than 130.000 hits a month – Not bad for a fan blog covering a game that is not even out yet.
When a simple blog like this grows so much, it gives some good ideas on how huge this game has the potential to become. It puts on an enormous pressure on the developers, but if anyone can live up to this, it’s Bioware. No other gaming company has delivered quality in a way that Bioware have done. Mix that with the biggest IP in the world and the deep pockets of EA, and I am confident that Star Wars: The old republic will be one of the biggest games ever.
Once again I would like to thank all our readers and subscribers. I hope you all have an awesome new year, and we are looking forward to entertaining you with the latest in Star wars pop culture and the newest information about SWTOR in the future. 
Happy new year!