SWTOR voted Most Anticipated MMORPG for 2011/2012 by Massively’s readers

Massively have released the Player’s Choice poll results for both 2010 and the entire last decade in MMOs. Not surprisingly the most anticipated mmorpg for 2011/2012 is  Star Wars: The old republic  in a close race with Guild wars 2.


More surprisingly we see Star Trek online voted the best launch, best crafting, best pvp,  best capacity for Role playing in a 2010 MMO and best overall new mmo of 2010.


I’m not usually critical, but I have a REALLY hard time believing that STO is deserving of such positions in poll results. PvP and “Surprise Hit”? The best crafting in a 2010 MMO is handing mats to an NPC to buy the crafted item?

It was also really surprising that Blizzard was voted both the best and almost the worst MMO studio of the decade:


Blizzard may be many things, but they’re not the worst MMO Studio of the Decade.

The results ended up like this:

Best of 2010

  • Best Launch of 2010: Star Trek Online
  • Best Crafting in a 2010 MMO: None of the Above
  • Best PvP in a 2010 MMO: Star Trek Online
  • Best Capacity for Roleplaying in a 2010 MMO: Star Trek Online
  • Best Expansion of 2010: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
  • Biggest Surprise Hit of 2010: Star Trek Online
  • Biggest Disappointment of 2010: Final Fantasy XIV
  • Overall Best New MMO of 2010: Star Trek Online
  • Most Anticipated for 2011/2012: Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Most Anticipated Beyond 2012: Titan (Blizzard’s Unannounced MMO)

Best of the Decade

  • Best MMO of the Decade: Guild Wars
  • Best MMO Studio of the Decade: Blizzard
  • Worst MMO Studio of the Decade: None of the Above
  • Best MMO Community of the Decade: Guild Wars
  • Best Indie MMO of the Decade: EVE Online
  • Best Family MMO of the Decade: Wizard101
  • Best Expansion of the Decade: Guild Wars: Eye of the North
  • Closed MMO You Miss the Most: None of the Above
  • Best F2P/Freemium Conversion of the Decade: Lord of the Rings Online

See all of the results, complete with colorful graphs and shiny statistics over at Massively