Deceived Author Paul S. Kemp Facebook Chat

A few days back Del Rey hosted a Facebook chat with Deceived Author Paul S. Kemp ( view the transcript here ). Kemp is the author of the recently released Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived novel witch debuted in the lucky thirteen spot on the New York Times bestseller list witch is quite an achievement. The book is set in set in The Old Republic timeline and tells the tale of the notorious Darth Malgus.

No major news was announced in the chat, but it did give fans a chance to ask away about things related to Deceived and the chat was unfortunately cut short by FB technical problems. Here is a run down:

  • Is Deceived‘s Zeerid Korr an ancestor of Jaden Korr? Kemp pleads the fifth — but hints to check out Riptide. Meanwhile, Zeerid’s family life pulls from Kemp’s own thoughts as a father of young children (although hopefully, the author is not working for a crime syndicate as a mule.)
  • Other than featuring Darth Malgus (the Sith Lord shown in the two The Old Republic game trailers), Kemp had a open field to play with when developing his story for Deceived. Malgus’ thinking was inspired by Nietzsche and existentialism, and can be seen easily in ‘The Third Lesson’, Kemp’s short story about Malgus after the Battle of Alderaan, appearing in Star Wars Insider #124.