Possible new SWTOR Warzone- The Voidstar!

A German magazine recently revealed a possible new warzone called The Voidstar, as mentioned in a SWTOR post on the official forums. The article says, Warzones, these are the PvP Battlegrounds translated in The Old Republic. So far, only one was known and that the civil war on Alderaan (more on page 18), but now Bioware still the PvP battlefield “The Voidstar” announced that will offer a Conquest mode. More will follow as we lead designer told PvP month, Gabe. (Google Translate).”
Hmm… does anyone reading speak German? Perhaps you can give us a better translation.
It was then covered on the official forums in a post by Elboc and opened up for discussion. The information found on a SWTOR forum post cannot all be verified as fact so before you read, be aware that much of this is speculation. There might also be some translation issues since the post was based on the German article.
But here are the basics:
The article mentions the new Warzone called “The Voidstar”. It has a reference to a possible “conquest mode” which has me intrigued. I love PvP in MORPGs and I think so many MMOs have tried and failed at implementing success, enjoyable PvP. I have high hopes for SW:TOR so the details of this post have me intrigued.
Here’s what the post based on the article had to say:
  • An average player should took 200 hours to reach level 50
  • The main story have different endings, who are depending on your decisions (“career or revenge”)
  • You can travel from Nal Hutta to Dramund Kaas via Shuttle or Flashpoint
  • You get your personal spaceship at Dramund Kaas
  • On Dramund Kaas there are “heroic” quest areas for groups
  • the fighting is classic, but feels dynamic
  • Mako is the first companion for BH and a Healer
  • the droid PO-12 is the second companion for BH
  • through the companion you are not forced the skill DD during leveling like in other MMOs
  • companions have different stances (Heal, Damage etc..)
  • you can configure which skills will be used by the companion
  • it is also possible to activate companion skills by yourself
  • companions “are nearly as strong as players
  • companions can equip armor and weapons
  • companions can learn skills at a trainer
  • companions can sell loot from your bag
  • Alderaan is a Domination Map – (not sure what this is?)
  • another battleground “could be” Capture the Flag
  • There is a CC-immunity bar which grows by suffered CC, till you are completely CC-immune for a time period
  • This bar is below the health bar and the enemy can also see it
  • Tanks are useful in PVP, because they can absorb 50% damage on a party member
  • There are PVP-honor guards
  • you will not get equipment for PVP-honor guards, but you will be able “to influence the battle”
So what do you think about “The Voidstar”? Awesome idea? Big mistake? All just speculation anyway?