Georg talks about Smugglers and Cover

Are you hanging desperately onto every new word about SWTOR and stalking the forums for yellow posts to give you a little more insight into how rocking the game’s gonna be? Ok, maybe you’re not quite as pathetic as me but the good news is, I get to pass the interesting details on to you so you can go on and… I don’t know… have a life!


Speaking of interesting details, Georg “Observer” Zoeller, Principal Lead Combat Designer for SWTOR posted recently about Smugglers and cover on the forums.
According to Georg, “All Smugglers have access to cover, but depending on Advanced Class and Skill set, cover plays a less or more important role for your gameplay.”
He goes on to explain the differences with a Gunslinger and a Scoundrel. For example,

“A Gunslinger with lots of points in the Sniper tree will have made cover a core part of their combat routine, with abilities like ‘Entrench’ and ‘Cover Pulse’ improving the utility and protection their cover ability offers, while utilizing several ‘cover only’ abilities for heavy frontloaded damage.”

“A Scoundrel on the other hand will have fewer abilities that modify their cover mechanic and can be played in a way that does not rely on cover very much or at all. Their Stealth Field generator allows them to approach targets unseen and they have a decent arsenal of close to mid range scatter gun abilities and melee moves to round out their blaster capabilities.”
This little post by Georg does more than just tell us about Smugglers and cover; it gives us a real inside look into what different classes will play like. It shows up a deeper insight to talents, talent trees and other abilities. It just gets me even more excited about SWTOR. What about you?