E3: BioWare Teases their Star Wars TOR Booth on Spike

During GameTrailers TV on Spike, BioWare teased their booth at E3 2011, which fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting. The booth had a giant poster that advertises The Old Republic, which some have seen before at other events. There is also a line queuing area. But that’s all the info you get…
It’s no secret that BioWare is being extra secretive about SWTOR and for great reason. Still for some players, the cat-and-mouse game is getting annoying. Some are ready for a release date already and still others just want any little tidbit they can get on the game.
While many suspect there will be an official release date at E3, there is no real evidence to suggest this. Some believe there will not be a release date when there has not been info about end game content released yet. From reading the yellow posts on the forums, I’m not so certain they will released end game content info. They are taking a strict stance on spoilers and seem to be keeping end game content references hush-hush. So is this because they have not developed enough end game content yet or is it that they won’t ever release this info until after the release of the game?
Your guess is as good as mine and that’s really all anyone is doing at this point- guessing.
What info do you think will be released at E3 about TOR?
Remember that Spike will air live coverage from E3 so you can find out everything that’s happening even if you’re not there.