SWTOR Info Released at E3 Conference: Recap

E3 is happening this week and if you’re not there or not able to follow the action live, you’re ok because we have all the daily recaps and highlights right here for you.

Here’s a Monday/Tuesday review:

  • Stephen Reid officially posted on the forums about the “Return” trailer and also about the new Origin service and the “Choose” trailer.
  • Stephen Reid officially posted that there will be no release date and no beta information or dates released at E3 2011.
  • Stephen Reid confirmed that they still plan a late 2011 release for SWTOR.
  • The “Return” trailer is the intro cinematic that you will see when you play the game.
  •  BioWare released a dozen of new screenshots at this year’s E3 conference. The screenshots features Tatooine, new player vehicles and what looks like a new Raid operation named Ulgo.
  • Bioware has released some new gameplay footage, never seen before. The gameplay videos show off a few of the player ships, Trooper and Smuggler quest where a trooper and smuggler work together for the Republic on a quest, and Sith Warrior and Inquisitor quest where a Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor engage in combat on a quest.

See the trailer, Return, for yourself if you haven’t already.

More info and updates coming all this week as E3 continues!