KOTOR: Now widescreen with new content and customizable robes!

Thinking about trying out KOTOR before SWTOR comes out? Sure you do – if not, your missing out. If you already played it, you know how awesome it is – but here is a chance to make it even more cool.

JAG from fileplanet has created a list of mods that will make the game even more mind blowing then it was the first time you played it.

Here is a short run down of the most important:

Widescreen Modification by Widescreengaming: The original game lacks widescreen support that brings those lovely Twi’lek females up to date. Using this file, you will be able to boost the resolution to modern wide-screen monitors. Make sure your game is patched and Steam versions follow this guide¨..


Power Overwhelming Mod by Niuhaka: Now that the game is looking good, it’s time to make your character into the gorgeous badass he should be. This amazing modification will replaces the third male Asian head with over 20 options to customize with.


K1 Robes Mod by Captain Skye: A Jedi/Sith is only as good as the robes they wear and this modification will make you look damn good. K1 Robes redesigns all the robes for male and female characters to be more detailed and vary more in design while still keeping their vanilla statistics.


Read more about the above, and many other mods at Filefront were they are also available for download.