Drew Karpyshyn has revealed his appearances planned for Comic-Con

Drew Karpyshyn posted an update on his site about his planned appearances at Comic Con this upcoming week. His update came a little late because he was waiting to be able to fully explain his Comic Con schedule, which he posts as follows:

Friday July 22
2pm-3pm – I’m part of a writer’s panel at the BioWare Base
4pm-5pm – I’ll be signing books, games, posters, etc at the BioWare Base (and we may have a few free copies of some of my novels to hand out)
Saturday July 23
12pm-1pm – I’ll be signing books at the Random House booth (again, hoping to have some free copies to give away)
2pm-3pm – I’m part of a writer’s panel at the BioWare Base
4pm-5pm – Another signing at the BioWare Base
7:30pm-10pm – Community Meet and Greet at the BioWare Base
Drew adds that he will be spending some time at the BioWare base helping with the huge numbers that are expected to come by to play the game. He warns that he will be working crowd control there and can say hi but may not be available to sign things there. 
He also adds that you can feel free to ask him to sign stuff if you see him around Comic Con or around town and he’s not working. “Seriously – I like it. Makes me feel like a big shot.” 
I feel ya Drew, I’d dig on that, too if I had people asking for my autograph.
His next update is planned for July 20th where he says he will give more details about his panels and signings as well as some cool giveaways they have planned. Sounds good!