Darthhater Brings Us Fan Site Summit 2 Info

While we wish we were at the most recent Fan Site Summit to get a hands-on experience, we were unfortunately not invited. So instead, we’re scouring the websites of those fansites who were invited to help bring you some of the latest and greatest content out there.

The guys over at Darth Hater have been great about sharing their experiences and this Fan Site Summit is no different. They have two great write-ups right now to help you learn more about SWTOR and really get you jazzed up (as if you were not already) about playing the game.

These are exclusives from their experience at the Fan Site Summit so you have to head over to their site to see the full thing but here’s a recap of why it’s worth your time:

Fan Site Summit 2: Voidstar & Ilum PVP Demo

Want to learn more about PvP in SWTOR? Are you interested in checking out the Voidstar? Darth Hater’s Voidstar and Illum PvP demo will give you the basics and some of their impressions. A snippet about Voidstar:

“Overall, it seemed like an interesting PVP scenario. There are a few things like the size of it that make it seem a little daunting for an 8v8 but it might be a lack of having a true hands on with the Warzone. We both came away feeling good about how it is shaping up and look forward to play it at launch.”

Head to their site for more.

Fan Site Summit 2: Gabe Amatangelo Q&A

During the first day of the Fan Site Summit, Gabe Amatangelo answered questions about Ilum’s Open World PvP zone, Voidstar, Flashpoints, and Operations. Darth Hater made a transcript of this Q&A session and is sharing it on their site. It makes a great addition to the SWTOR PvP preview linked above as well. Check it out and let us know what you think. Do you feel like you know more about PvP now?

Lisa Clark

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