Balmorra Datacron Locations

Balmorra was a factory world that was located within the Nevoota system, situated in the Colonies region at the border of the Core Worlds. Wide plains surrounded the planet’s capital, Bin Prime.
Balmorran metal parasites feasted on metals in the urban areas of Balmorra.
During the settlement of Balmorra, while the Republic was still in its infancy, Balmorra quickly established itself as a haven for renouned weapon and battle droid manufacturers. While determined to remain independent of the Republic, they became strong alllies supplying the Republic and the greater galaxy with advanced droids and weapons.
Read more about Balmorra here, and check out the datacron locations below:
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28 – [Aim +2] X:-1018 Y:-1517 Okara Droid Factory – On the Main Level of the droid factory go to the far West elevator that leads to the Assembly Line Group Area. Go down the elevator. In the group area look for the droid conveyors and drop down onto the first one to the right, then down onto the floor from there. Inside the nearest conveyor support pillar @ (-1023, 1515) is an opening to a shaft-way that drops down onto the pipe that holds the Datacron. It’s the 2nd Conveyor North of the passage you entered into the conveyor room.

29 – [Cunning +2] X: 1851 Y:112 Travel through the Sundari Flatlands heading to the far North. Go through the Balmorran Arms Factory at (1297, 728) player position, (1594, 723) cursor position. Once through and at the Power Center head to the east, hop in the water, and follow the shoreline to the Datacron.

30 – [Green Matrix Shard] X: -504 Y:2000 Neebray Warehouse (Imperial Only) – Go to the far SW corner of the Gorinth Canyon map, to the cave complex located @ (-472, 1929). Inside you will find an elevator toward the rear of the complex. Go down the elevator. On the bottom level of the Neebray Warehouse is the Datacron and it requires two people to unlock the door to it. To open the shielded door two players must activate the “Shield Control” panels to the right and left and get the timing right.

Note: Wait for the targeting reticule above the panel to activate–both players must touch their panels whie the reticule is active.

31 – [Strength +2] X: 718, Y:2033 Go to (718, 1860).  there is a large rock with a dirt path just to the right of it.  Run around the rock and follow the path past the  back through the rocks, past the “Aging Bormu”,

32 – [Willpower +2]X:191 Y: -344 First hop down into the water and head East to the vendor at player position (673, 36). Buy the “Lost Code Cylinder” for 5k. Go to the “Space Chest” on the North side of the broken bridge at the Datacron coordinates above. Open it, loot it. It is believed that once open the chest will remain so for an indeterminate length of time so that others may access the Datacron without purchasing the key.

54 – [Endurance +3]X:-445 Y: -293 At -358, -43 in the Colicoid Queen’s Nest, there are two panels that you walk in between to find a hidden hallway. That leads you to the datacron. (This is for Republic side, I do not know if it is there for imperials.)

Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic