The Sith Inquisition: Firsthand Obliteration

As all of us eagerly shove our heads into The Old Republic as deep as we possibly can, there are a few things we’d like to mention. First off, make sure to thank the Devs for their hard work. Both on twitter and email, a nice way to make sure Bioware knows they did a good job is by letting them know directly. The more they see positive energy from the community instead of questions or complaints, the more likely they are to keep at what they’re doing and give us a few solid expansions.

In addition we’ve had a couple major news updates come through to share with you all. The first is that regular maintenance has gotten under way, and we have a pseudo schedule to go along with for them. You can find the full post detailing those times Here. They aren’t extreme, but the last few are at very oddly placed times, which makes us assume that they’re testing out the waters to see which times for maintenance work best with their audience.

Another piece of news that came out in the last few days since pre-release began was the announcement that the iPhone security key app was released, and then subsequently held back across the board. Initial reports indicated that there was an issue between accounts with a security key app and the account not being flagged for use of the vendor, but information has been pretty scarce on the topic and nothing concrete’s been released as of the writing of this article.

On a more positive note. Today marked the last day that all US preorders were let into the game according to third party projections. After the big bump of Thanksgiving preorders was overcome yesterday, the last of the December orders were allowed in just this afternoon. We have yet to hear any reports on number of players so far from Bioware, but we have seen servers marked as full, and blocked for character creation at the time, which speaks a little to the popularity of the game.

In Inquisition news, we’ve begun our youtube series “Rise of The Inquisition” with our first episode having been released yesterday, and another due out later this afternoon. You can watch the very first episode right here!

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