Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insight: Kuiil

Here is the latest Developer insights from the guys over at Capital Games on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Today we have 2 very exciting characters from Season 1 of The Mandalorian, Kuiil and IG-11! This industrious ugnaught is just looking for some peace and quiet after a hard life working under the Imperials. Read on to hear from the designer how this kit excels at supporting his Droid and Scoundrel allies.

The Basics:

  • Kuiil fills the role of Support for Scoundrels and Droids squads.
  • Parts of his kit can work with all Droids but he’s particularly effective with Light Side Droids.
  • His Special 2, I Have Spoken, is a powerful healing ability that can buff Scoundrel and Light Side Droid allies with Mechanic’s Savvy.
  • Kuiil has strong synergy with IG-11 and provides some nice buffs but he can still do well on his own.
  • His Special 1, Voltaic Shot can pair well with squad members that can apply Shock.
  • Potency is fairly important to Kuiil as many of his abilities revolve around debuffing the enemy squad to get the maximum effect from his kit.

Unique Attributes:

  • Kuiil is the first Light Side character to have Shock and his Unique 1 and Special 1 help him control the enemy team while keeping himself alive.
  • The Special 2, I Have Spoken, provides his allies bonuses based on their faction so Light Side Droids will get one version of the buff and Scoundrels will get another.


  • Kuiil doesn’t participate in combat often but he does fire an electric tranquilizer dart to save Mando in episode 1. The blurrg is briefly electrified and stunned which was fairly straightforward to translate to Galaxy of Heroes.
  • We knew we had to include his most memorable catchphrase somewhere in the kit so “I have spoken” was destined to be an ability name from the first time we heard it.
  • Originally we wanted the character model to be riding a blurrg but in the end, we translated it into his Relic instead.

Strategy Tips:

  • Kuiil is probably best paired well with a mix of Scoundrels and Droids. An all Droid or all Scoundrel team is effective but a blend of those Factions provides the variety of roles needed to really push the squad to the next level.
  • Kuiil is a very flexible character and we found a very interesting squad with Galactic Legends Rey at the helm.
  • If you have the right combination of units, Kuiil can make that squad incredibly tanky and hard to take down.
  • We also found some great success under an IG-88 lead as Kuiil was able to keep many of his squishy Droid allies alive while they mowed down the enemy squad.

Squad Suggestions:

  • Kuiil provides a space for some of the underutilized Scoundrels and Droids like T3-M4, L3-37 and any other Light Side Droids you can spare.
  • We mentioned Rey and IG-88 above but a Qi’ra lead also worked very well in our testing.


  • The Mechanic’s Savvy bonus from “I Have Spoken” affects any Scoundrel but only Light Side Droids. Units that are both a Scoundrel and a Light Side Droid will receive both of the bonuses.
  • The synergistic effects from Frontier Wisdom (Health Steal, Potency, Crit Immunity, etc) requires both IG-11 & Kuiil to be alive on the battlefield to trigger. If either one is defeated, Kuiil will lose all of these bonuses.
  • Voltaic Shot can be a bit confusing at first glance but it applies those extra debuffs depending on if the target already had a specific effect on them.
  • The Unique, Frontier Wisdom, provides Scoundrel and Droid allies some extra stats (Max Health, Offense, Potency, etc) at the start of battle but this effect is not doubled for units that are a Droid and a Scoundrel (ie, IG-88 will get 40% of those stats, not 80%).