Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insight: IG-11

Here is the latest Developer insights from the guys over at Capital Games on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Our favorite rambunctious Droid from the Mandalorian is coming to Galaxy of Heroes! This fast firing former Bounty Hunter has been reprogrammed to nurse and protect his allies by cleansing debuffs and redirecting them as Damage Over Time effects to his enemies. Read on to find out how our designer captured the unusual fighting style and flexibility of this character.

The Basics:

  • IG-11 can fill many roles in a squad but he’s primarily a healer for Scoundrels and Droids.
  • He has the Healer tag but don’t let that fool you into thinking he can’t be used as a Tank or Support.
  • His Special 1, FUNCTION: PROTECT, allows him to pair well with squads that can apply Shock.
  • Of course IG-11 has some special synergy with his savior Kuiil. This provides IG-11 with additional Protection and a powerful start-of-battle Taunt.
  • IG-11 assists his allies when they attack out of turn, and when paired with the right squad he will be constantly blasting his enemies.
  • Also, THE CHILD!!!

Unique Attributes:

  • Max Health is very important for IG-11, both his Unique and Special 2 use his Max Health as part of his abilities.
  • At the start of IG-11’s turn, he dispels all debuffs from Droid and Scoundrel allies. For each debuff dispelled this way, IG-11 inflicts Damage Over Time for 2 turns on a random enemy, which can’t be evaded.
  • His Basic attacks two targets and deals Physical damage to the target and to the weakest enemy.
  • This also applies when he assists.
  • HE HAS THE CHILD WITH HIM!!! Why mention anything else?


  • The moment we saw this character we knew it had to be a unit in Galaxy of Heroes and we had to have a visually stunning animation when he fired his blasters.
  • I think we all were blown away when we saw IG-11 in action the first time. We created some special animations to capture his crazy shooting style that varies depending on the number of enemies he is facing.

Strategy Tips:

  • IG-11 can fill a variety of different roles in your squad depending on how you Mod him.
  • Focusing on modding for Max Health will make him a solid Tank that can frequently Taunt.
  • If you want a more Support focused IG-11, a combination of Speed and Max Health will allow him to take many turns and use his heal to maximum effect.
  • Modding for Potency will allow him to apply a ton of debuffs and DoTs to the enemy squad.
  • IG-11 attacks whenever an ally attacks out of turn. When paired with BB-8 and R2-D2, IG-11 will trigger his assist when BB-8 counters and then again when he calls a Resistance ally (R2 in this case) to attack.
  • IG-11 is very strong against squads that apply lots of debuffs due to dispeling all debuffs from Droid and Scoundrel allies at the start of his turn.
  • Special 1, FUNCTION: PROTECT, uses the DoTs applied from his Unique, Taxing Force Redirection, to deal additional Physical damage.

Squad Suggestions:

  • MagnaGuard, BB-8 and R2-D2 were all solid squadmates during testing that allowed IG-11 to assist very frequently due to their consistent counter attacks.
  • IG-88 can be a fairly good lead for a Droid squad with IG-11 but Qi’ra was also great if you have a Scoundrel centered team.
  • While Kuiil isn’t an absolute must have for IG-11, the automatic Taunt at the start of battle and additional Protection can be very valuable depending on which role you want IG-11 to fill.
  • Ultimately, we found a mix of Scoundrels and Droids, particularly Scoundrel Droids, were the best squadmates.
  • We would not recommend using IG-11 under a General Grievous lead. IG-11’s dispel at the start of turn disrupts Grievous’ Mark and opens up Grevious for attacks.


  • IG-11 gains double the Max Protection if Kuiil is present, but unlike Kuiil’s kit, Kuiil doesn’t directly benefit from these buffs as well.
  • His basic, Sensory Advantage, recovers 20% Protection if all enemies have debuffs when he attacks and this includes when he assists.