TOR TV: Assassin vs. Assassin Duels. Zybak vs. Jerk

Are you wondering about PvP in SWTOR or looking to learn more about assassin vs. assassin duels? For anyone who plays assassin or just wants to learn a bit more about the class in PvP, this is a great video. It’s also fun to watch if you just want to know more about how PvP in SWTOR works. While each class is different in the abilities you can get, this video shows some techniques that are helpful to any player.

Uploader Zybak explains the video, “This video is intended to show tips and tricks on how to beat other Assassins/Shadows in 1v1 duels. I duel the best Assassin on the server, Jerk. He is nearly valor rank 80 and has full Battlemaster pvp gear.”

Check out the vid:

Lisa Clark

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