SWTOR PVP Changes in Patch 2.0

Rise of the hutt cartel pvp changes

As you may already know, Patch 2.0 is going to bring a variety of changes and additions to SWTOR, all meant to improve the game overall and how we as players experience it. PvP and gear are two things we expect to see some changes in. In fact, there seems to be an overall trend of new gear stats, minus the pants, and a reduction in the stats provided by mods to gear. Some secondary stats are seeing changes or tweaks and War Hero gear critical rating has been replaced with power for some classes.

There are new set bonuses for level 55 gear which we can see here:

Marauder/ Sentinel DPS

  • Weaponmaster’s Gear 2pc: Reduced the cooldown of Guarded by the Force or Undying Rage by 15 seconds, also increased its duration by 1 second.
  • Weaponmaster’s Gear 4pc: Increased all damage dealt by 10% for 5 seconds after using Force Leap or Force Charge.

Mercenary/ Commando Heals

  • Combat Medic’s Gear 2pc: Reduced the cooldown of Hold the Line Hydraulic Overrides by 5 seconds.

Operative/ Scoundrel Heals

  • Field Medic’s Gear 2pc: Increased the damage absorbed by Defense Screen by 10%.

Sorcerer/ Sage Heals

Recruit-level PvP gear will be obsolete when the bolster system is launched with 2.0 which uses your item rating instead of your character level to calculate.

PvP gear is not the only thing seeing changes. There will also be some changes to warzone brackets and to expertise.

Expertise is a stat that has long been debated in SWTOR. There will be only one small change in 2.0. Expertise will now gain a solid cap and there will be no benefit to additional expertise. The new cap will be 2018 expertise.

There are also going to be new brackets for PvP: 10-29, 30-54, and lvl 55

This is most likely in part to the effect bolstering will have on PvP in the game.

So what do you think of these upcoming changes to PvP? Do you have any questions?

Lisa Clark

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