More SWTOR fan art by Patrick Lamber

Last month we posted some of the the amazing artwork of Patrick Lamber. This was very well received throughout  the SWTOR community, but some people did complain about leaving out some of his more erotic art. This time we won’t do that, so if you don’t believe you should be watching this, please move along.
Remember to check out Patrick Lambert’s deviantart profile or his personal website for more amazing drawings, were he is creating every class of SW:TOR.

Veronica is a human Bounty Hunter, while Zira is a Twi’lek Sith. They met as enemies several years ago, and fought for hours, in the most difficult fight of their lives. They soon realized however that they both had similar goals, and were much better teaming up. They’ve been together ever since, pillaging ships, causing terror across the galaxy, being vicious and cruel. Whether it’s in bed or on the battle field, they are nearly unstoppable.

Today, the two evil girls work as a team, destroying everything inside of a Republic cargo ship, and enjoying themselves every step of the way.
Gabriella came through the docking doors behind the tall Twi’lek and paused. She dismissed her troop escort, then knelled down next to her standing mistress, leaning on her leg, bringing a hand up to her inner thigh, caressing Xi’Serea’s smooth skin, a feeling she always missed while on mission. The Twi’lek brought a hand down and gently patted Gabriella’s hair.

Xi’Serea: “Did you do as I asked, my pet?”

Gabriella: “Yes, Mistress. I did as you showed me. I unleashed their own inner demons against them, drove them insane, until all the Jedi could do were kill themselves to end their own terror.”

Xi’Serea: “And the villagers?”

Gabriella grinned heavily.

Gabriella: “I led the troops myself against the compound. Every house was burned to the ground, with the villagers still inside. It was glorious! No one survived.”

The young human girl was now a powerful Sith Sorceress, able to take on multiple Jedi at once, and command thousands of troops to victory.

Xi’Serea: “Good. You did well.”

Gabriella: “All thanks to you, Mistress. You made me into what I am, and I am yours to command, for ever!”

Xi’Serea nodded.

Xi’Serea: “The Republic is crumbling against our might. Soon, you will lead our troops against the capital itself, Coruscant, and destroy the senate. You will bring me the Chancellor so that the Sith may finally rule over the galaxy!””

Gabriella could barely contain her excitement, her body having been conditioned by her mistress to respond to the promise of pain just as well as pleasure, and her hand was now running furiously over the Twi’lek’s skin, while a large smile adorned her face.

Gabriella: “I will crush them in your name, Mistress! It will be wonderful!”
This young Padawan was no match for the Twi’lek Sith Darth Kali. She didn’t even get to swing her blade.

This Padawan barely had time to put on her boots and take her lightsaber when the intruder alarm sounded. The Sith assassin now finds out what a bad idea it was to face a half naked, pissed off Jedi.

A Twi’lek Jedi Padawan faces a Sith invader.

“Simple bounties this week. A Chagrian who stole an ore shipment, an ex-Czerka employee who blackmailed her boss, and a guy who smuggled two droids onto Tatooine for some reason. Easy credits! Now where did I put my drink…”

Ranna is a 19 years old Jedi Padawan, trained in the Force, working for the Republic. Early on she was found to have exceptional abilities in piloting fighter ships and leading raids using the very rare gift of Battle Meditation. Despite her young age, she’s already been placed in command of a unit of Republic Navy ships, leading many air raids against the Sith Empire, achieving great victories, and earning the respect from people around her, and all pilots in the fleet. Ranna is a very modest and easy going girl however, and dismisses any attempt at glory, focusing instead on her work.

Seeing her walk on the hangar deck of the Republic Capitol Ship after yet another mission, wearing dirty clothes, only the lightsaber on her belt betrays her position as a Jedi, and not a common mechanic. Still, despite her appearance, everyone on the ship knows she is in command, and will obey her every order, for the glory of the Republic.

As a young Twi’lek, Valah received her first command assignment from the Dark Council, to rule over a conquered planet, overseeing thousands of Imperial troops. She draws strength from the Force by meditating, exposing herself fully to the energies in her personal quarters. As the Captain of the local Garrison enters, stunned and embarrassed to see the Twi’lek like this before kneeling before her, Valah simply looks at him, betraying no emotion whatsoever. She feels no shame at being seen like this, no anxiety at commanding thousands of soldiers, most older than her, and no hesitation as to what her first order will be. She knows she will accomplish her duty, and be victorious. She is a Sith.

Easha had a vision during her sleep. She saw them, the Republic troops, coming for her. When the ships appeared in the sky and started firing at her balcony, her lightsaber was already in hand, and she was only mildly annoyed. Two months she had spent infiltrating this villa, gaining the trust of various servants and employees, giving herself to some of them, getting closer to the Count. She had almost reached her goal, but clearly someone had betrayed her. The Republic had come with overwhelming force to bring her down, but she was a trained assassin. By the time the smoke cleared she would be long gone. She would need to find another way to assassinate her target and complete her mission, unwilling to go back to her Master as a failure. But first, she would find out who betrayed her, and make them suffer for going against a Sith.

Darth Kali in her shuttle, heading to her next mission.

“I got up this morning and I just hated everything!”

Profile for Lady Ardana, a Twi’lek Jedi Knight.
A Sith infiltrator works alone, behind Republic lines. Anyone who sees her doesn’t have long to live.

A Zabrak Sith Lady.

Darth Kali sensed her target was close. Late at night in the streets of Nar Shaddaa, few people dared go outside. But for this Twi’lek on the hunt, the neon streets of the smuggler’s moon proved little challenge.

Jedi Knight Xa’luia: “This plan is sound! There’s no reason not to commit the needed forces for this attack, Master.”

The older woman looked out of the small room, watching the skies above Coruscant in silence for a moment.

Jedi Master Jilliana: “So many lives have been lost in all these wars, yet we still do not understand fully the enemy we’re facing. How can we send our biggest army, all these Knights and Padawans, against the Sith army.”

The Twi’lek frowned at Jiliana, barely able to contain herself.

Jedi Knight Xa’luia: “It’s a Sith army! What else do we need to know?! The more we wait, the more organized they will become!”

But the Jedi Master seemed unperturbed. Without looking back, she shook her head.

Jedi Master Jilliana: “Be mindful of your feelings, Xa’luia. You are a good Jedi, and a good commander in battle, but I fear all these plans are doing nothing but prolonging the war. What is your opinion, Chancellor Tok?”

A tall man on the other side of the holomap looked up, having been absorbed by the display.

Chancellor Julius Tok: “Hmm.. I think I agree with Xa’luia. The plan is sound. By attacking Korriban itself, we will hit at the heart of the Sith, and prevent them from rebuilding their Academy.”

Jedi Knight Xa’luia: “Yes! Let me lead the invasion, we will crush them, defeating the Sith once and for all!”

The older woman sighed, and remained silent for a long time.

Jedi Master Jilliana: “Very well. I believe you are right, and if you are successful, this new Brotherhood of Darkness will fall. Take your army and go, start your Battle of Korriban. May the Force be with you.”
Darth Kali posing for an holo-recording.

“You kept pushing. You wouldn’t stop. I was never good enough, I could never meet your expectations. You pushed me too far. Now, I pushed back. I showed you what I could really do, ‘Master’. My emotions aren’t bad, they don’t make me weak, they give me strength! Look what I did with them! Now, you’re dead. You’re dead, and you won’t be pushing me anymore.”

Darth Kali, now Dark Lady of the Sith after killing her previous master Darth Shiva, visits his tomb regularly, a holy site filled with dark energies, where she lay bare and venerates his memory. Now attempting to once more bring a new Golden Age for the Sith, she often spends time here meditating and performing dark rituals in order to strengthen her connection to the Force.

You have failed me for the last time.

Anyone who watches Darth Vilashra train in the morning can’t help but gasp in awe, as she takes the whole observation lounge to practice, doing a combination of combat maneuvers and ancient Sith ritualistic motions. As a Sith Inquisitor reporting directly to the Dark Council and responsible for overseeing the Imperial Intelligence division, she insists on maintaining a fit and ready body.

Sayla is a lone Twi’lek Bounty Hunter operating on Nar Shadaa. She was brought to the moon as a slave, but killed her master before trying to get into a smugglers gang. However, her craving for bloodshed got her kicked out of the gang, and ever since she’s worked alone as a bounty hunter. With no allegiance to any faction, she has an endless list of customers who rely on her skills and discretion.

Prior to the invasion of the capital city on this remote planet, a young Sith Assassin infiltrates the lookout outpost and eliminates the crew so they can’t sound the alarm. She has no trouble dispatching the guards, and paving the way for the invasion fleet.
This clan warrior was one of the most powerful members of her village, on this remote planet. But power is relative. Unfortunately, she had no chance faced with a Dark Jedi using a lightsaber and with command of the Force.
Darth Dendory on the bridge of her ship looking proudly at her apprentice, after their first mission together, where they slaughtered an entire Republic crew.

A Togruta Jedi Master training with her Padawan on a remote world.

Darth Dendory facing a Jedi with some Republic guards, just before the carnage…
Darth Dendory is a blue Twi’lek raised on Coruscant in an undercity street gang, until her force powers were noticed by an undercover Sith Assassin on mission, who decided to bring her back to the Korriban Academy. There, she rose to become a powerful Sith Inquisitor, specializing in infiltration and assassination.

Now a fully grown up Twi’lek, strong and skilled with her double lightsaber, here she is on a mission to wipe out a ship full of Republic soldiers.

A Devaronian Sith apprentice trains against the native predators of this harsh planet with nothing but her lightsabers to prove herself worthy.

Darth Dendory goes to fetch her holocron in the holocrons vault on Korriban.

Tyna Red is a 28 years old human Grey Jedi. She used to be a Bounty Hunter, but was taken by a Jedi Master who saw her Force powers, and teached her to become a Jedi. She never embraced all of the Jedi ideals, and instead walks the line between Light and Dark, going around the galaxy, righting any wrong she sees. Her connection to the force isn’t as strong as many other Jedi, but her skills with a lightsaber and blaster are highly tuned.

Thanks to her unusual background, she has a unique fighting style, and often uses her blaster, lightsaber and her strong physique to surprise her opponent while in combat. Even though she isn’t a Consular, more of a Knight / Bounty Hunter hybrid, she uses a single double lightsaber to always keep a hand free to pull out her blaster, or to send a powerful punch on some poor soul’s jaw.

Lady Ardana fights a Sith Warrior and wins easily. This time, the Light Side wins!

Sith Inquisitor: “My droid monitored your communications to Coruscant! You transmitted secret information to non-Sith contacts!”

Imperial Agent: “But… My Lady… The Senate needed to be told…”

Sith Inquisitor: “You are nothing but a traitor! Now, you die!”

Judie, the Jedi Consular, on the offensive against a Black Sun hideout on Coruscant.

A bounty hunter on her ship.

Judie, a Jedi Consular, about to battle Darth Dendory, a Sith Warrior.