The Story and Philosophy Behind the Sith Rule of 2

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the in-depth areas of the Star Wars Universe then you will like this video series but it’s this episode that we want to talk about today: The Sith Rule of 2. If you don’t know much about this Sith rule, you’re going to learn a lot in this under-10-minute video. Even if you do already know something about the Sith Rule of 2, there’s a good chance you’re going to discover something new today too.

The Rule of Two means that there can only be two true Sith Lords at any given time. This rule is actually very important to the survival of the sith. As the video explains, the lack of the rule could destroy the sith. It explains the beginning of Darth Revan, where the Rule of Two came from, and why it’s important. It explains how Revan was caught in between – Jedi and Sith – seeing the flaws in both sides and finding a solution to make Sith better, without changing their core ideologies.

In this video we discuss the rule of two and what exactly makes it so crucial to the survival of the sith. We also discuss how it all started and what inspired the creation of the Rule of Two. What do you guys think about the rule of two and what do you think is the most interesting aspect of it. Leave all of your thoughts in the comments below. May the force be with you!

So what do you think? Did you learn something new about Sith history?

Lisa Clark

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