Gree Event Returns May 21 – May 28

swtor return of the gree event

Great news! BioWare just announced that the Gree Event will return next week. I guess it’s time to  build a ton of rep whit them again and  get them sweet sweet items.  Here is the story:

Gree In-Game Event Returns – 05.17.2013

The ancient Gree starship, Gray Secant, returns to Ilum between May 21 and May 28 bringing with it great rewards, including unique armor, pets, weapons, and more!

Join with friends for another chance to earn valuable Reputation points and become a living Legend as you fight for the Gree’s grand mission. This is a great time for players at level 45+ to jump into the event before the event returns at level 55 in the future.

Visit the in-game News Terminal located on Carrick Station or Vaiken Spacedock to get started on your adventure!


Scalene Armor (Blue, White, Red)

Collect all three armor sets!

Blue Sphere Transport Enclosure Vehicle Traverse across the far reaches of the galaxy at high speeds!

  • Increases lateral translation rates by 110%
  • Requires Speeder Piloting: Rank 3
  • Requires “Legend” Rank with the Gree

L1-1 Defender Add this rare pet to your collection!