New SWTOR Arenas Coming Soon

swtor arenaIn addition to the new Tauntaun mount that was revealed for SWTOR, Bioware also tells us we will be getting three new PvP arenas when Game Update 2.4 launches on October 1st. The three arenas will be found at Makeb, Tatooine and the new Space Garage. We don’t know a whole lot about them at this time but we do have some great pictures to serve as an example of what’s coming soon.

At their San Diego Cantina Tour event they released some great screenshots of the new arenas (and Tauntaun mounts) so we all know what we have to look forward to. Just Push Start has shared some great images.

Dulfy  also shared some images and info from her flash drive.

Alex Modny, Assistant Designer for SWTOR came in the forums to explain a little more about these new PVP arena zones:

In such a small, intimate area, LoS and other geometry concerns are valid, but I can assure you that we are adjusting the LoS blockers and general terrain on these on a daily basis to make sure we get them juuuuust right for all parties involved, not just melee and ranged DPS. Sometimes there is just too much LoS for the healers and they can’t get off their support abilities because their friendly targets are weaving their way through all the blockers. Point being, it is a balancing act and we are iterating on it every day!

I’m writing up a blog post today (it won’t be posted until next week or possibly the week after, gotta translate it and get the big bosses to rubber stamp it) to explain in more detail these Warzone Arenas and our methodology in balancing them. Really looking forward to yall getting your hands on them asap! The feedback from players that have played them already has been overwhelmingly positive! 


And for even more cool news about these arenas: Baron Deathmark (of Huttball fame, voiced by Steve Blum) to be the announcer for Arenas. All in all, it seems they have a lot of cool new stuff planned for us and as a big fan of PVP in SWTOR, I’m looking forward do it for sure.

What do you think of the news? What are you most looking forward to?

Lisa Clark

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