STAR WARS 80’s High School

What if the Star Wars cast were dropped in an 80s teen movie? Well, it might look something like this cool concept art from Denis Medri of Cesena, Italy. His project, posted to, asks “What if Star Wars were set in an 80s high school?”

The result is much like you would imagine, only even more awesome.

We know that some hardcore fans don’t like any deviation from the original story and we can respect that fully but you still have to think the creative and artistic ability that went into this is pretty amazing. We have a too-cool skate Luke and a bubble-blowing tights-wearing Leia to start us off.


And then we have Han Solo & Chewbacca 


And then we have some awesome nerd-droids:


There’s also Vader,Boba Fett & Troopers:

Vader,Boba Fett & Troopers

And a personal favorite of mine is Breakfast Wars:


And there’s more so check out the link for yourself to see the full project.

Lisa Clark

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